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Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum

Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum: Everybody's Project

Emily Lardner, Gillies Malnarich, Caren Diefenderfer, Dorothy Wallace, Jan Ray, Len Vacher, Kim Rheinlander, Sue Mente, Deann Leoni, Judy Moran, Rob Cole, Jerry Johnson
August 17-20, 2004
Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort
Leavenworth, Washington

Registration: $250.00


The need for quantitative literacy for all citizens is frequently in the news in terms of budgets, deficits, taxes, and all kinds of public policy decisions. The general consensus is that in the U.S., we lack quantitative literacy skills. At the same time, many colleges are creating degree requirements that include QL competencies. The question is, how do we get from here to there?

This workshop is aimed at college and university teachers interested in helping students develop their quantitative literacy skills. It will feature a range of approaches to promoting QL, including creating interdisciplinary learning communities, integrative assignments, and problem-based learning about topics that cross disciplines. There is also a track for colleges in the process of developing QL or QR requirements at the institutional level.

Participants completing the workshop will be able to:
• Develop a QL course or project for use at their own institution;
• Assess QL abilities of students in their courses; and
• Compare the QL work on their campus with the work being done on other campuses.

Participants register as teams for this workshop. At a minimum, teams should include one person from the math department and one person from a different department. Each day, teams will have opportunities to participate in workshops or work on their own or in consultation with resource faculty. The workshop ends with poster presentations from each team.

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