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Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences

Past Conference Data

The Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program supports dozens of conferences each year, giving over 2,000 students the opportunity to attend one of these conferences annually. The data on this page have been compiled from reports on individual RUMC-supported conferences, and are intended to give future conference organizers and other interested parties an idea of the size and composition of typical RUMCs. For more detailed information, please contact the MAA Sponsored Programs Assistant, Olga Dixon, at or 202-319-8498.

Aggregate Data

This graph displays the growth in the RUMC program across the six years that it has been running. The lower line shows that over 500 undergraduate students have had the opportunity to present their own original research nearly every year the program has been running. The upper line, on the other hand, illustrates the growth in total numbers of students attending RUMCs, and suggests that their popularity amongst undergraduate students has been increasing.

This graph displays the growth in the number of conferences that the RUMC program has been able to support each year.

Mean Conference Data

This graph shows the trends in number of students attending and presenting research at the average conference across the life of the program. Note that the mean number of faculty members attending each conference has decreased, which accords with a sense that students have needed less outside support and encouragement to attend RUMCs as the program has gone on.

This graph indicates that conferences have tended to become more localized as time has gone by, attracting students from fewer institutions, on average. While the RUMC program encourages conference organizers to attract students from as many different institutions as possible, some of this effect is likely be due to a the new conferences that are held away from large population centers. These conferences offer opportunities to students who would otherwise be unlikely to be able to find a suitable forum to present their research, and are highly valuable for that reason, even if they are accessible to fewer institutions.

This graph illustrates the change in the ratio of student attendees to faculty attendees at RUMCs over the life of the program.

Individual Conference Data

These two graphs are included in order to give examples of how individual annual conferences have changed throughout the life of the RUMC program.

The MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program is supported by National Science Foundation grant DMS-0846477.

Please contact Michael Dorff, the Program Director, at with questions about the RUMC program.