Seashells: the plainness and beauty of their mathematical description

Examples: Gastropods

Boat Ear Moon (moon shell, ear shape, [2, p. 78])

[alpha=83, beta=42, phi=70, mu=10, Omega=30, A=25, a=12, b=20, L=0]

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Moon shells are globular in shape and have a half-moon aperture. They occur worldwide. Moon shells bore holes in other types of molluscan shell and eat the inhabitants. The boat ear moon is a thin, light shell, low-spired, with a voluminous body whorl angled at its base and a shallow suture that becomes deeper as shell grows.
Habitat: shallow waters of W. South America and Galapagos.

[2] S. Peter Dance, Shells, Dorling Kindersley, 2002.

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