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Teaching Future High School and Middle School Teachers

Teaching Future High School and Middle School Teachers
Co-Directors: Ed Dubinsky and Kathy Heid

This workshop will have three components spanning a period of 13 months followed by an ongoing participation in an email network.

  • June 9-20, 2002 -- State University of New York, Potsdam
    Academic Year 2002-2003 --- Home institution
    June 8-19, 2003 -- State University of New York, Potsdam.

The intended audience includes mathematicans who teach undergraduate mathematics courses taken by future High School and Middle School teachers; teachers of mathematics methods courses; and organizers of in-service workshops for High School and Middle School teachers.

During the two summers, participants will engage in an intense program of reading, discussion, conducting mini-classes with future teachers, interacting with presenters, observing school classrooms and reflecting on those observations with current school teachers. During the intervening academic year, each participant will conduct a project related to schools and the mathematical education of teachers. A major component of the second summer will consist of sharing and reflecting on the intervening year experiences. After the second summer, an email network will be established for participants to continue interacting with program staff and each other.

The program will have several strands. A mathematical contents strand will include issues such as: what mathematics content should be taught in High School and Middle School, what mathematics content should be studied by future teachers, and what are the connections between these contents; what mathematical issues arise out of teaching practice in High School and Middle School. Specific areas of mathematics to be considered will include algebra, functions, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and the role of proof in High School and Middle School mathematics. Participants will explore possibilities for capstone courses as summaries of future teachers' undergraduate mathematics experiences and/or development of connections between college and school mathematics.

The program will include hands-on work and reflection on various pedagogical strategies for teaching collegiate mathematics such as cooperative learning, lecturing, writing and the use of technology. Demonstration classes for future teachers will be conducted by workshop staff and by participants who will have an opportunity to interview students about their reactions to these classes. Participants will visit local schools to observe classes and talk to current High School and Middle School teachers and their students. Various national reports on mathematics teaching and learning will be read and discussed.

Program Staff will include Ed Dubinsky (Co-Director), Kathy Heid (Co-Director) and Victoria Klawitter (SUNY Potsdam). Visits of 2-3 days will be made by a number of prominent mathematics educators including Richard Askey, Deborah Ball and Hyman Bass, Robin Lock and Rose Zbiek.

Participants will be required to pay a fee of $750 to partially defray the cost of housing, food and tuition for the two summers. The remainder of these costs will be paid by an NSF grant to the MAA PREP program. Travel will be the responsibility of the participant except that there may be assistance in getting from major airports to Potsdam. For any questions concerning this program, contact: Ed Dubinsky


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