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Undergraduate Student Poster Session

2011 MAA Undergraduate Poster Session Prize Winners

  • #2. Category O for the Rational Cherednik Algebra of G12

    Author(s): Christopher Policastro, MIT
  • #18. Residual Analysis in Modeling Electroosmotic Flow

    Author(s): Ava Hamilton, Skidmore College
  • #20. Elastohydrodynamic Instabilities in Gravity-Driven Flow

    Author(s): Wanyi Li, Macalester College
    Cat Kealy, Beloit College
    Charlie Talbot, University of Connecticut
  • #26. A New Approach to Nick Trefethen's Four Bugs on a Rectangle Problem

    Author(s): Praveen S Venkataramana, Syntonix, Inc.
  • #30. Computation of Fixing Numbers

    Author(s): Kara Greenfield, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • #42. A Particle Based Model for Cell Movement

    Author(s): Haema Nilakanta, Iowa State University
    Stephanie Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Noah Haibach, University of Pittsburgh
    Sahil Shah, Columbia University
  • #52. Compressed Zero-Divisor Graphs and Zero-Divisor Lattices of Finite Commutative Rings

    Author(s): Darrin Weber, Millikin University
    Lane Bloome, Millikin University
  • #58. Random Trinomials and Lower Binomials

    Author(s): Kenneth Brian Ascher, SUNY Stony Brook
  • #74. Pattern Avoidance in Ternary Trees

    Author(s): Katie Peske, Concordia College
    Sam Tay, Kenyon College
  • #78. Lower Bounds for the Ropelength of Reduced Conformations

    Author(s): Robert McGuigan, San Jose State University
  • #79. Benford's Law for Coefficients of Modular Forms and Partition Functions

    Author(s): Larry Rolen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Theresa Anderson, Brown University
  • #80. Bishop's Lemma and Boundaries of Lipschitz Function Algebras

    Author(s): Robert Allan Silversmith, Williams College
    Ann Kathryn Johnston, Harvey Mudd College
  • #85. A Weighted Least Squares Method for Elliptic Problems With Degenerate and Singular Coefficients

    Author(s): Matthew Hassell, SUNY Binghamton
    Stephen Bidwell, Tufts University
  • #87. Minimal surfaces and planar harmonic mappings

    Author(s): Amanda Rae Curtis, Wellesley College
  • #101. Minimal Surface Transformations

    Author(s): Jamal Eric Lawson, Loyola University New Orleans
    Ryan Donald Viertel, Brigham Young University
  • #109. Estimating Survival Functions for Symmetric Distributions Under Peakedness Order Constraints

    Author(s): Sasha Indarte, Macalester College
  • #114. Parity of k-regular Partition Functions

    Author(s): Liem P Nguyen, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • #115. The Energy of Graphs

    Author(s): Audrey M. Hubbard, Ave Maria University
    Christian M. Woods, University of Pittsburgh
  • #121. 2-Dimensional Shape Modeling

    Author(s): Christine E Caples, Fairfield University
    Carlos Fernando Hernandez, California State University Fullerton
  • #142. Exploring the Weighted Composition Operators on the Hardy and Bergman Space.

    Author(s): Wenling Shang, Washington and Lee University
  • #146. Exceptional ABC Triples for Frey Curves with Torsion Subgroups Z2 x Z4 and Z2 x Z8

    Author(s): Alexander Jesus Barrios, Brown University
  • #168. Permissible Plane Embeddings of Ribbon Graph Blow-Ups

    Author(s): Sarah Jane Loeb, Harvey Mudd College
  • #172. Why won't my garden hose stay put? Stability of coiled elastic filaments.

    Author(s): Matthew Frank Lapa, Cornell University
  • #183. The Number of Independent Sets and Graph Homomorphisms

    Author(s): Yufei Zhao, MIT / Cambridge
  • #185. Vertex Identifying Codes

    Author(s): Ari Cukierman, College of William and Mary
  • #187. Structure Groups of Pseudo-Riemannian Algebraic Curvature Tensors

    Author(s): Joseph Anthony Palmer, Truman State University
  • #206. Constructing moduli spaces of low dimensional A- Algebras by extensions

    Author(s): Josh J Frinak, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • #215. Determining the Number of Loops of Regular n-gons

    Author(s): Kathleen Carroll, Wheaton College
  • #220. Generic Formal Fibers of a Commutative Ring

    Author(s): Philip Van Vu, Williams College
  • #223. Extinction Equilibria in Stage-Structured Populations

    Author(s): Georgia Waite Pfeiffer, The College of William and Mary
  • #234. Modeling the Manduca sexta Midgut

    Author(s): Jennifer Lea Garbett, Kenyon College
  • #243. Encrypting with Elliptic Curve Cryptography

    Author(s): Anna Tracy, Universith of the South
  • #259. Braid Groups and the Oriented Jones Polynomial

    Author(s): Ana-Cristina Jimenez, California State University, Fresno

Awards from the Special Interest Group of the MAA on Statistics Education
(SIGMAA Stat-Ed)

  • #207. Bounds on the artificial phase transition for perfect simulation of repulsive point processes

    Author(s): Jason Xu, University of Arizona
  • #262. Rational Distance Sets on Conic Sections

    Author(s): Megan Danielle Ly, Loyola Marymount University
    Shawn Tsosie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology