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Undergraduate Student Poster Session

2010 MAA Undergraduate Poster Session Prize Winners

  • #3. An Adaptively Weighted Least-Squares Finite Element Method for Convection Dominated Diffusion PDEs

    Author(s): Myles Baker, Baylor University and Wabash College
    Sarah Farell, Bard College and Wabash College
  • #13. Evaluations of Cubic Twisted Kloosterman Sheaf Sums

    Author(s): Jeremy Booher, Harvard University
    Anastassia Etropolski, Bard College
    Amanda Hittson , University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • #27. Dessins and Manturov Bracket Shuffles

    Author(s): Michelle Delcourt, Georgia Instititute of Technology
  • #34. The Structural Property of Wavelet Sets

    Author(s): Zhiwei Wu, Bard College
  • #35. The Isoperimetric Problem in Sectors with Disk Density

    Author(s): Alexander Diaz, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus
  • #42. A Unified View of Zonal Jets and Rossby Waves

    Author(s): Ken Zhao, Courant Institute, New York University
  • #46. Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Fluid Structure Interaction in Biological Systems

    Author(s): Avis Foster, George Mason University
  • #50. Conjectures on Twisted Kloosterman Sheaf Sums

    Author(s): Adam Goldberg, Danville, CA
    Alex Perry, Columbia University
  • #62. Investigation of the Loewner Trace

    Author(s): Sarah Anderson, Clemson University
    Osman Chaudhary, Millersville University
  • #67. Completions of Local Rings and Minimal Prime Ideals

    Author(s): Rachel Karpman, Scripps College
  • #68. Classical and Virtual Pseudodiagram Theory and new bounds on Unknotting Numbers

    Author(s): Noel MacNaughton, Williams College
    Sneha Narayan, Oberlin College
    Oliver Pechenik, Oberlin College
    Jennifer Townsend, Scripps College
  • #77. Efficient simulation of fluid flow

    Author(s): David Hannasch, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
    Shipra De, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • #80. Symmetric Saddle Towers

    Author(s): Melissa Yeung, University of Chicago
  • #88. Knot mosaics: When Knots and Tiles Meet

    Author(s): Joe Paat, Denison University
    Jacob Shapiro, Denison University
  • #101. Quantum Information: Entanglement and Stabilizers

    Author(s): Curt Cenci, Lebanon Valley College
  • #109. Using A Modified Mathematical Algorithm for the Source Localization of Brain Signals

    Author(s): Shubham Debnath, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • #112. The Number of Independent Sets in a Regular Graph

    Author(s): Yufei Zhao, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
  • #129. Applying the nudged elastic band method to topological data analysis

    Author(s): Atanas Atanasov, Columbia University
  • #132. Discrete Homotopy Covers and Gromov-Hausdorff Convergence

    Author(s): Corey Jones, University of North Carolina, Asheville
  • #143. RNA secondary structure prediction, lattice walks and the yellow fever virus

    Author(s): Damond Collier, Morgan State University
  • #149. Birth-Death Processes and q-Continued Fractions

    Author(s): Rachel Kirsch, University of Maryland
    Elise McCall, Masschussetts Institute of Technology
  • #154. Tropical Quadratic Curves through Three Generic Points in ΤΡ2

    Author(s): Sarah Brodsky, University of California, Berkeley
  • #170. Classification of Real Î?2-Graded Associative Algebras

    Author(s): Daniel Wackwitz, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • #171. Matrix Problems in Coding Theory and Statistics

    Author(s): Andrew Wilcox, College of William and Mary
  • #180. Minimal representations of even permutations as products of cycles of fixed length k.

    Author(s): Josh Maglione, California State University, Fullerton
  • #185. Computer Optimization of Doubly Convergent Multiple Beam Electron Guns

    Author(s): William Tallis, North Carolina State University
    Virginia Forstall, College of William and Mary
  • #189. Controlling the Spread of a Disease Under the Uncertainty of the Model Parameters

    Author(s): Noah Daleo, Kennesaw State University
  • #198. A Generalization of the Number of Points on a Family of Calabi-Yau Threefolds

    Author(s): Jonathan Root, College of the Holy Cross
  • #208. Evenly Spaced Binomial Coefficients: A Purely Combinatorial Proof

    Author(s): Bob Chen, Harvey Mudd College
  • #215. Condorcet-k Winners

    Author(s): Angela Wu, Swarthmore College
    Sarah Wolff, Colorado College
    Aaron Meyers, Bucknell College
  • #236. Static Behavioral Effects on Gonorrhea Transmission Dynamics (MTBI-06-02M)

    Author(s): Liana Medina-Rios, Mount Holyoke College
    Benjamin Morin, Arizona State University
  • #237. The Dynamics of a Spatial Cyclic Competition System (MTBI-06-04M)

    Author(s): Don Tadaya, Arizona State University
    Ioana Hociota, Arizona State University
    Bryce van de Geijn, University of Texas
    Jeff Merckens, University of Maine
    Benjamin Morin, Arizona State University