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Undergraduate Student Poster Session

Prize Winners for the 2008 Undergraduate Poster Session

This year’s Poster Session had over 170 entries and more than 260 presenters. With help from almost 200 volunteer judges, 37 prizes were awarded to 62 students. Thanks to the MAA, AMS, SIAM, Educational Advancement Foundation, and AWM for funding the prizes.

Poster Number 3 Algebraic Structure of a Zero Divisor Graph
Author(s): Elizabeth Wilson (William and Mary), Brendan Kelly (The College of New Jersey)
Advisor(s): Michael Axtell (Wabash College)

Poster Number 10 Some difference equations with solutions possessing large periods
Author(s): Bennett Stancil (Wake Forest University)
Advisor(s): Kenneth S. Berenhaut (Wake Forest University)

Poster Number 17 A Combinatorial Lusternik-Schinerlam-Borsuk Theorem on the d-cube
Author(s): Aaron Mazel-Gee (Brown University), Kyle Kinneberg (Claremont McKenna College), Mutiara Sondjaja (Harvey Mudd College)
Advisor(s): Francis E. Su (Harvey Mudd College)

Poster Number 29 A generalization of the density topology
Author(s): Joshua Campbell (St. Olaf College), David Swanson (St. Olaf College)
Advisor(s): Paul Humke (St. Olaf College)

Poster Number 36 External Cavity Mode Solutions to the Lang-Kobayashi Equations
Author(s): Sara Reynolds (Nazareth College of Rochester), Stanley Snelson (Columbia University)
Advisor(s): Tamas Wiandt (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Poster Number 37 Monte Carlo Power Comparison of Graph Invariants for Local Activity Detection
Author(s): Henry Pao (Johns Hopkins University)
Advisor(s): Carey E. Priebe (Johns Hopkins University)

Poster Number 38 Sierpinski Curve Julia Sets for a Family of Rational Maps
Author(s): Jason Carney (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Advisor(s): Daniel M. Look (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Poster Number 39 Diophantine Equations in Polynomials
Author(s): Cihan Karabulut (Montclair State University)
Advisor(s): Aihua Li (Montclair State University)

Poster Number 40 Shifts of Generators and Delta Sets of Numerical Monoids
Author(s): Tyler Lemburg (University of Nebraska’Lincoln), Christina Zlogar (Cornell University)
Advisor(s): Scott Chapman (Trinity University)

Poster Number 44 An Investigation into the Structure of Digroups
Author(s): Andrew Magyar (Ohio Northern University)
Advisor(s): J. D. Phillips (Wabash College)

Poster Number 49 Self-Influencing Interpolation in Groundwater Flow
Author(s): Carolyn Atwood (Whitman College), Robert Hildebrand (University of Puget Sound, Andrew Homan (Ohio Northern University)
Advisor(s): Ken Luther (Valparaiso University)

Poster Number 55 Spanning Tree Congestion Critical Graphs
Author(s): Daniel Tanner (St. Mary's College of Maryland)
Advisor(s): J. D. Chavez (California State University)

Poster Number 57 Supersingular Rank Two Drinfel'd Modules and Analogs of Atkin's Orthogonal Polynomials
Author(s): Doris Dobi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Nicholas Wage (Harvard College), IrenaWang (Harvard College)
Advisor(s): Ken Ono (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Poster Number 58 Non-Minimal Factorization in Numerical Monoids
Author(s): Jay Daigle (Pomona College), Rolf Hoyer (Grinnell College)
Advisor(s): Scott Chapman (Trinity University)

Poster Number 64 Convexity and Minimum Distance Energy
Author(s): Rosanna Speller (Smith College)
Advisor(s): Rolland Trapp (California State San Bernardino)

Poster Number 65 Understanding Knot Complements: An Alternate Proof That the (1,-1) Torus Knot is Non-Loose
Author(s): Katherine Fitzpatrick (College of the Holy Cross)
Advisor(s): David Damiano (College of the Holy Cross)

Poster Number 71 Unique Factorization Domains and Geometrically Regular Formal Fibers
Author(s): Adam Boocher (University of Notre Dame), Michael Daub (Williams College), Haydee Lindo (Williams College)
Advisor(s): Susan Loepp (Williams College)

Poster Number 72 Application of Singular Value Decomposition to Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Studies of Amyloid Protein Dynamics
Author(s): Taylor Pressler (Mount Holyoke College)
Advisor(s): Sean M. Decatur (Mount Holyoke College)

Poster Number 73 Determining Colorability of Knots
Author(s): Terrell Fenner ( University of Texas at Tyler)
Advisor(s): Jennifer McLoud-Mann (University of Texas at Tyler)

Poster Number 74 An Integrodifferential Equation Modeling 1-D Swarming Behavior
Author(s): Andrew Leverentz (Harvey Mudd College)
Advisor(s): Andrew Bernoff and Chad Topaz (Harvey Mudd College and Macalester College)

Poster Number 79 The complete story on stick knots in K7
Author(s): Rachel Grotheer (Denison Universtiy)
Advisor(s): Lew Ludwig (Denison University)

Poster Number 86 An existence theorem for minimal normalized matching bipartite graphs
Author(s): Rae Fredrich (University of Minnesota, Morris)
Advisor(s): Mark J. Logan (University of Minnesota, Morris)

Poster Number 88 Bananas, Braces, and Yo-Yos: An Exploration of the Two-Variable Interlace Polynomial
Author(s): Erica Goedken (Benedictine College), Mikko Hyvarinen (Florida Atlantic University), Lindsay Orlando (Alverno College)
Advisor(s): Jamie Radcliffe (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Poster Number 99 Deformations of Two Dimensional Associative Infinity Algebras
Author(s): Christopher DeCleene (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire), Eric Weber (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire)
Advisor(s): Michael Penkava (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire)

Poster Number 101 An Exploration of Distinguishing Chromatic Number
Author(s): Leanna Lofte (Sonoma State University), Dave Lofte (Sonoma State University), Mark Ferrando (Sonoma State University)
Advisor(s): Cora Neal and Izabela Kanaana (Sonoma State University)

Poster Number 108 First order compatibility for a (2+1) dimensional diffusion equation
Author(s): Luis Suazo (University of Central Arkansas)
Advisor(s): Daniel Arrigo (University of Central Arkansas)

Poster Number 109 Persistence Barcodes for Digits
Author(s): Amanda Smith (Centre College)
Advisor(s): Anne D. Collins (Centre College)

Poster Number 119 A Modification of the Sarkar Wang Algorithm to compute Heegaard Floer homology and an Analysis of its Computational Complexity
Author(s): Michael Lock (Columbia University), Dmytro Karabash (Columbia University), Jonathan Hales (Columbia University)
Advisor(s): Robert Lipshitz (Columbia University)

Poster Number 125 The Mathematical Modeling of Language Acquisition from Inconsistent Input
Author(s): Amanda Grummon (University of California, Irvine)
Advisor(s): Natalia Komarova (University of California, Irvine)

Poster Number 138 Dot Product Representations of Graphs
Author(s): Gregory Minton (Harvey Mudd College)
Advisor(s): Kimberly Tucker (Harvey Mudd College)

Poster Number 139 An Investigation into Shock-Associated Noise Near Coanda-Surfaces
Author(s): Catherine Schwartz (James Madison University)
Advisor(s): Caroline Lubert (James Madison University)

Poster Number 144 Investigation of the hemodynamic effect on aneurysms
Author(s): Steven Hendrickson (George Mason University)
Advisor(s): Juan Cebral and John Wallin (George Mason University)

Poster Number 147 Wavelet sets and functions in R and R2
Author(s): Sara Gussin (Harvey Mudd College)
Advisor(s): Jon Jacobsen (Harvey Mudd College)

Poster Number 153 A Mathematical Model for Political Affiliation
Author(s): Jennifer Jones (Colorado State University)
Advisor(s): Erika Camacho and Stephen Wirkus (Arizona State University)

Poster Number 161 Towards the Characterization of Nanostructure in Actin-Based Motility using a Brownian Stepping Model
Author(s): Kartik Trehan (Johns Hopkins University)
Advisor(s): Scot C. Kuo, F. Torcaso, C. Priebe (Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University Applied Math and Statistics)

Poster Number 164 Maximal Rotational Subsets of the Circle under Sd
Author(s): William Bond (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Ross Ptacek (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Advisor(s): John C. Mayer (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Poster Number 171 An Asymptotic Formula for the Representation of Integers as Sums of Triangular Numbers
Author(s): Rebecca Bellovin (Columbia University), Eric Potash (Columbia University), Atanas Atanasov (Columbia University), Ivan Loughman-Pawelko (Columbia University), Laura Peskin (Columbia University )
Advisors: Mirela Ciperiani (Columbia University) and Kimball Martin (University of Oklahoma)