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Using Hands-on Devices to Understand Calculus Concepts

Using Hands-on Devices to Understand Calculus Concepts
Steve Monk
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
August 7-11, 2001

This workshop will focus on the design of student activities around physical and electronic devices, as a means of increasing students conceptual understanding of calculus. In the course of the workshop, participants will: (1) work with a variety of devices to explore their potential for deepening understanding, (2) examine videotapes and students written work to become familiar with the conceptual and experiential resources students bring to learning with such devices, (3) collaborate with one another designing classroom activities around such devices, and (4) consider the mathematical and the pedagogical issues that arise for teachers and students in using this approach. A limited number of devices will be available on loan to workshop participants during the academic year. It is hoped that those attending the workshop will continue to collaborate electronically on refinements of their materials and that they will share with one another the results of trying them out. A follow-up meeting of the group will be held at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego on January 6-9, 2002. Instructors who work with future and present high school teachers are particularly encouraged to attend.

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