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External MAA History Resources

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A Century of Mathematics: Through the Eyes of the Monthly (1994), John Ewing (editor)

The Mathematical Association of America: Its First Fifty Years (1972), Kenneth O. May (editor)

"History of the MAA Since World War II" (1967), R.A. Rosenbaum

"Brief History of the Mathematical Association of America Before World War II" (1967), Albert A. Bennett

American Mathematical Monthly articles from the beginning of the MAA

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"Progress of the Association" (1916)

"A Tentative Platform of the Association" (1916), E.R. Hedrick

"The Mathematical Association of America" (1916), W.D. Cairns article detailing the December 1915 founding meeting of the MAA

"The Promotion of Collegiate Mathematics" (1915), H.E. Slaught article explaining intention to create a new society and announcing the founding meeting


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"A History of American Mathematical Journals" series (1940-1942), B.F. Finkel

The American Mathematical Monthly and B.F. Finkel

"The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Celebration" (1993), G. Baley Price

"Benjamin Franklin Finkel" (1947), W.D. Cairns

"The Human Aspect in the Early History of the American Mathematical Monthly" (1931), B.F. Finkel

Mathematics Magazine

The Harmony of the World: 75 Years of Mathematics Magazine (2007), Gerald L. Alexanderson and Peter Ross (editors)

"Mathematics Magazine: The First Half Century" (1977), Edwin F. Beckenbach


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Books and Articles

"In the Shadow of Giants: A Section of American Mathematicians, 1925-1950" (2005), David E. Zitarelli

Section Websites

Allegheny Mountain Section History, John Bukowski

​EPADEL: A Semisesquicentennial History, 1926-2000, David E. Zitarelli

Florida Section Archives (2010)

Golden Section History 1939-2001 (PDF), Leonard F. Klosinski

​Illinois Section History,  Tony Bedenkovic

Indiana Section History

Intermountain Section History (2005) (PDF)

Iowa Section History (2007)

Kansas Section History (2010)

Kentucky Section History, Dan Curtain

Louisiana/Mississippi Section Historical Archives (2005-2010)

Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section History (1972)

Metropolitan New York Section History (2010)

Michigan Section "A Brief History of the Michigan Section of the Mathematical Association of America" (1985-2005), Yousef Alavi

Missouri Section "History of the Missouri Section of the Mathematical Association of America" 2006), Leon M. Hall

Nebraska - SE South Dakota Section History (2015) (PDF)

New Jersey Section History

Northeastern Section History (2009)

Ohio Section Archive

Oklahoma-Arkansas Section "A History of the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America" (1988), James R. Choike

Pacific Northwest Section History (2010)

Rocky Mountain Section History, duties, and activities (2005-2010)

Seaway Section History, Gary Towsley

​SoCal/Nevada Section History,  Ernie Solheid

Southeastern Section History

Southwest Section History (1996)

Texas Section History

Wisconsin Section History