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Council on Teaching and Learning

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Audrey MalagonChair2/01/20216/30/2025
Dr. Jason DoumaMember1/01/20206/30/2024Ex Officio, Chair of CUPM
Douglas E EnsleyMember2/01/20226/30/2024Ex officio, Rep to AMS Committee on Educaiton
Yvonne LaiMember2/01/20216/30/2024Ex Officio; Chair of COMET
Dr. Mary Margarita LegnerMember1/01/20206/30/2023Ex Officio, Chair of Articulation and Placement
Dr. Darren A NarayanMember2/01/20216/30/2024Ex Officio; Chair of MAD
Dr. Jessica OShaughnessyMember1/01/20201/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Assessment
Dr. Victor PierceyMember2/01/20216/30/2024Ex Officio, Chair of CRAFTY
Dr. Patrick X RaultMember2/01/20216/30/2024Ex Officio, Chair of CTUM
Dr. Deirdre L SmeltzerMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Senior Director of Programs
Committee Charge
8/22/2017The charge to all councils is given in the MAA bylaws, Article VII.3.
The Board of Directors appoints the chair for a four-year term.
ASA-MAA Joint Committee on Statistics Education
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Tom FaulkenberryChair1/01/20226/30/2023MAA Representative
Prof. Benjamin String BaumerMember1/01/20206/30/2023MAA Representative
Ann R CannonMember2/01/20201/31/2023ASA Representative
Dr. Christina KnudsonMember2/01/20196/30/2022MAA Representative
Dr. Kristen MazurMember2/01/20216/30/2024MAA Representative, 2nd Term
Felicia Griffin SimpsonMember2/01/20201/31/2023ASA Representative
Committee Charge
1/28/2011To stimulate effective change in undergraduate statistical education, particularly in the majority of institutions where the department of mathematics bears the primary responsibility for the teaching of statistics.

The Committee should examine and make recommendations concerning:

  • individual course offerings;
  • teaching practices;
  • faculty qualifications;
  • course sequences in support of various options;
  • use of computers in undergraduate statistics courses;
  • connections with other departments that use or teach statistics;
  • statistics requirements for undergraduate majors;
  • statistical education of elementary and secondary teachers and;
  • impact on undergraduate curricula of improvement in pre-college statistical education.

    In order to undertake this broad agenda, the Committee should consider a variety of activities, including studies to gather relevant information, panels, or speakers at professional meetings, articles in professional newsletters or periodicals; campus visits; identification of exemplary programs and materials; development of a comprehensive report with specific recommendations.

    The Committee is urged to seek foundation support for its work, with assistance from the MAA central office.

    Composition: The Committee is composed of 12 members, six to be appointed by the ASA and six to be appointed by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Two members will be appointed/reappointed by each organization each year for three year terms. The Chair is a member of the Committee and serves for two years. The Chair is alternately appointed by the ASA and MAA.
  • College Board-MAA Joint Committee on Mutual Concerns
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Stephen M KokoskaChair2/01/20216/30/20232nd Term
    John AsplundMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
    Gail F BurrillMember2/01/20216/30/20232nd Term
    Alison ReddyMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Mr. Bill TrappMember10/27/20176/30/2025Ex Officio, Senior Director of Mathematics, College Board Representative
    Committee Charge
    1/28/2011To provide the opportunity for the exchange of information and open discussion of concerns on issues of mutual interest to the College Board and the MAA.
    Committee on Articulation and Placement
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Mary Margarita LegnerChair2/01/20206/30/20231st term as chair; 2nd on committee
    Jon JohnsonMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Catherine LouchartMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Prof. Douglas B MeadeMember2/01/20206/30/2023
    Joan M ZoellnerMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Committee Charge
    1/01/2011To lead initiatives, take on projects, and plan activities to address the broader issue of articulation -- high school to college, two-year to four-year -- and placement issues facing many in the collegiate community.

    Committee Composition:
    The current AMATYC President serves as a representative to the committee. (Term is same as presidential term ending 12/31)
    Committee on Assessment
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Jessica OShaughnessyChair2/01/20201/31/20231st term as chair
    Dr. Mariah BirgenMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Beste GuclerMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Dr. Jessica Ellis HagmanMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Ryota MatsuuraMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Michael TallmanMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Committee Charge
    1/05/2008To gather information on appropriate assessment methods in university mathematics of all types, including programmatic assessment (major, service courses, general education/quantitative literacy, developmental, overall program, etc.), formative and summative in-class assessment, and assessment of teaching effectiveness; and disseminating this information to the mathematical community as well as encouraging departments to become aware of, and engage in, effective assessment.

    This committee was created on 1/05/2008.
    Committee on Technologies in Mathematics Education (CTME)
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Darryl Jim Chamberlain Jr.Chair2/16/20226/30/2025
    Benjamin E AtchisonMember2/16/20226/30/2024
    Dr Marianna Cecilia BonanomeMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. Manmohan Kaur PhDMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Charlotte A Knotts-ZidesMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Kristin Kathleen LassondeMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Dr. Jason ParsleyMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Dr. James Quinlan PhDMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Mr. Daniel WatsonMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Committee Charge
    1/08/2015To provide leadership to keep the MAA abreast of innovative and/or effective ways in which evolving technologies affect undergraduate mathematics education now and in the future.
    Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers (COMET)
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Yvonne LaiChair2/01/20216/30/20241st term as chair
    Wesley C CalvertMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Matthew J Haines PhDMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Emilie R HancockMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. Catherine PaolucciMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Tom RobyMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. April StromMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Darryl YongMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Committee Charge
    8/01/2012To lead initiatives, advance policy, monitor projects, and plan activities that support those who are responsible for the mathematical education of teachers. Through this work COMET is charged with informing and advising the MAA leadership and the MAA membership on matters that relate to the mathematical education of teachers.

    The mathematical education of teachers includes pre-professional preparation and professional development in mathematics and in the teaching of mathematics, K - 12. Accordingly, COMET encourages timely renewal efforts of mathematics courses and programs designed for prospective K- 12 teachers. COMET also promotes thoughtful participation of MAA members in schools and in professional development programs that enhance the mathematical understanding of in-service K- 12 teachers.
    Committee on the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics (CTUM)
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Patrick X RaultChair2/01/20216/30/2024
    Prof. Michael BealsMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Juliana BeldingMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Thomas L FitzkeeMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
    Dr. Russell E GoodmanMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Gulden KarakokMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. Jane LongMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Ralph S PantozziMember12/01/20216/30/2025NCTM Representative
    Julie Meer Phelps PhDMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Mary Elizabeth PilgrimMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. Erica ShannonMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Aaron D WangbergMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Committee Charge
    8/31/2011To stimulate effective teaching, learning, and assessment in undergraduate education in the mathematical sciences. The work of the committee is focused on pedagogy, including instructional techniques and methods, assessment of student work, and classroom resources. CTUM also coordinates activities when appropriate with other MAA committees such as the Committee on the undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM), the Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers (COMET), the Committee on Technologies in Mathematics Education (CTME), and the Committee on Articulation and Placement.

    Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM)
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Jason DoumaChair2/01/20206/30/20241st term as chair
    Prof. Curtis D BennettMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Dr. Benjamin J BraunMember2/01/20221/31/2024AMS Representative
    Dr. Michael A BrilleslyperMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Helen E BurnMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Prof. David C CarothersMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Tim P ChartierMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Sarah V CookMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Minerva CorderoMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Richard Alan GillmanMember2/01/20196/30/2023Ex Officio, Chair of Program Reviews Committee
    Adriana SalernoMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Elizabeth A. StanhopeMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    David C SutherlandMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Oscar VegaMember2/01/20201/31/2023AMS Representative
    Dr. Talithia WilliamsMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Committee Charge
    1/28/2011To make recommendations to guide mathematics departments in designing curricula for their undergraduate students. This includes the organization, content, and mutual relations of the entire institutional structure of undergraduate mathematics: programs, general and special curricula, courses and course sequences. The CUPM coordinates the activities of its subcommittees and task forces that have been established to consider specific aspects of the undergraduate mathematics curricula.
    Subcommittee on Curriculum Renewal Across the First Two Year
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
    Dr. Victor PierceyChair2/01/20216/30/2024
    Amanda I BeecherMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Leah C BridgersMember2/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Judith E CannerMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Michael D HvidstenMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Prof. Vilma MesaMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Prof. Christopher D OehrleinMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Mr. Francisco SavinaMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Laura L Watkins Member1/01/202212/31/2024President AMATYC
    Dr. Erica J WhitakerMember2/01/20216/30/2024
    Committee Charge
    2/01/2013To monitor ongoing developments with the intention of making general recommendations concerning the first two years of collegiate mathematics.
    Subcommittee on Mathematics Across the Disciplines
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
    Dr. Darren A NarayanChair2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term; 1st as chair
    James R EbyMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Brian T. GillMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Prof. Natalie HobsonMember2/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Kevin HutsonMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Michael K May SJMember2/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Jimmy MopechaMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Dr. Anne SinkoMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Committee Charge
    1/28/2011To lead and promote initiatives concerned with interdisciplinary courses/programs applications of mathematics.
    Subcommittee on Research By Undergraduates
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
    Vicky Williams KlimaChair2/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Alex CapaldiMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Pamela E HarrisMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Miriam Harris-BotzumMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Tyler KloefkornMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd term
    Dr. Azadeh RafizadehMember2/01/20206/30/2023
    Prof. Richard SchugartMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Thomas P. WakefieldMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Committee Charge
    1) stimulate interest in research experiences for undergraduates by planning sessions at meetings, arranging for appropriate publications, and such other means as may be effective;
    2) articulate an appropriate role for undergraduate research in the experience of undergraduate mathematics majors;
    3) communicate to the leadership and members of MAA, AMS, and SIAM suitable information about effective use of research experiences in the mathematical education of undergraduates;
    4) serve as the official liaison between CUPM and the Mathematics Section of the Council of Undergraduate Research.
    Committee on Two-Year Colleges
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Jennifer TravisChair2/01/20216/30/20222nd Term: 1st term as chair
    Jonathan WeisbrodMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Committee Charge
    9/18/20141) to work with mathematics faculty to serve the needs of two-year college students;

    2) to facilitate communication between two-year college mathematics faculty and the MAA; and

    3) to collaborate with other MAA committees to address issues of teaching and learning mathematics in the first two years of college.