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Audit Committee

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Melissa C ErdmannChair2/01/20221/31/2023
Dr. Eric EagerMember7/01/20226/30/2023
Steve Pomerantz PhDMember2/01/20216/30/2023
Ms. Kimberly M Rutland-StarksMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Chief Financial Officer
Committee Charge
1/07/2017To recommend to the Board who shall be engaged as the auditor, receive the auditor's report, and make recommendations to the Board based on the auditor's report.

Two members of Congress with one appointed each year by the Board of Directors to a two-year term; member serves as chair in the second year of service on the Committee. One additional person may be appointed by the Board; this person need not be a member of the Board, or of the Congress, or of the Association.