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Council on Publications

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Susan G StaplesChair2/01/20191/31/2023
Carol A. BaxterMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Senior Director of Publications
Janet L BeeryMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
Dr. C Allen ButlerMember2/01/20211/31/2025Ex offcio, Treasurer
Prof. Susan Jane ColleyMember1/01/202012/31/2021Ex Officio, Editor of the Monthly
Frank A FarrisMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
Dr. Jacqueline A Jensen-VallinMember7/01/20206/30/20222nd Term; Ex Officio, Editor of MAA Focus
Stephen F KennedyMember1/01/20211/31/2024
Prof. John H McClearyMember1/01/20211/31/2024
Committee Charge
11/24/2014To serve, where appropriate, as an intermediary between committees, editorial boards, and the Executive Council.

  • Handle difficulties that committees or editoral boards have been unable to resolve.
  • Analyze new ideas in the area of publications and communications as they arise, whether the ideas come from committtess, neditoral boards, staff or other members.
  • Foster communciation among all those involved in publications.
  • Work to develop new talent in the area of publications.
  • Coordinate with other councils.

    Committee Composition:
    The Chair of the Council on Publications is appointed by the Board of Directors for a four-year term. Other members include: Chair of the Committee on Books, Chair of the Committee on Journals, MAA Treasurer, Acquisitions Editorfor MAA Press, and the editor of MAA Focus. Committee Composition Updated 4/13/2020
  • American Mathematical Monthly Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Susan Jane ColleyEditor1/01/201712/31/2021
    David AldousMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Elizabeth S AllmanMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. David H BaileyMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Michael D BoltMember4/08/201912/31/2021
    Dr. Jack Calcut IIIMember1/01/201812/31/2021
    Dr. Scott T ChapmanMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Linda ChenMember3/05/201912/31/2021
    Allan P DonsigMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. John H EwingMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Stephan Ramon GarciaMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Luis David Garcia PuenteMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Sidney W GrahamMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Julio Roberto Hasfura-BuenagaMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Eleanor JenkinsMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Gary Philip KennedyMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Daniel KrashenMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Jeffrey K LawsonMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Susan R LoeppMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Jeffrey L NunemacherMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Bruce P PalkaMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Paul PollackMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Vadim PonomarenkoMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Jason RosenhouseMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Adriana SalernoMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Edward R ScheinermanMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Anne V SheplerMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Frank SottileMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Susan G StaplesMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Dr. Sergei TabachnikovMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Daniel H UllmanMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Daniel J VellemanMember1/01/201712/31/2021Associate Editor, Problems and Solutions
    Dr. Cynthia VinzantMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Prof. Steven H WeintraubMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Douglas B WestMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    Kevin M WoodsMember1/01/201712/31/2021
    AMS-MAA Joint Committee on Archives
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Thomas F BanchoffChair2/01/20211/31/2022AMS Representative
    Daniel John CurtinMember1/01/20191/31/2022MAA Representative
    Prof. Colin Bryan Powell McKinneyMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term, MAA Representative
    Dr Eileen L PoianiMember1/01/20191/31/2022MAA Representatiave
    Committee Charge
    4/30/2015(1) To stimulate the preservation of the papers of mathematicians and mathematical institutions, as well as other papers of interest, at appropriate archives locally or nationally.

    (2) To serve as a contact between archivists and mathematicians (or their survivors) in evaluating materials proposed for deposition.

    (3) To serve as liaison among the AMS, the MAA and their designated archivists at Brown University and the University of Texas at Austin, respectively.

    Committee Composition:

  • Committee is standing
  • Number of members is six, three appointed by AMS and three appointed by MAA
  • Term of office is three years, one member each appointed by each organization each year.
  • Carus Monographs Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Bruce P PalkaEditor1/01/20191/31/2022
    Prof. Francis BonahonMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Dr. Annalisa CrannellMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Alex IosevichMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Prof. Steven J MillerMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Dr. Jeffrey L NunemacherMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Edward R ScheinermanMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Prof. Carol S SchumacherMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Henry SegermanMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Genevieve WalshMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Classroom Resource Materials Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Cynthia J HuffmanEditor2/01/20191/31/20223rd Term, 1st as Editor
    Jayadev Siddhanta AthreyaMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Bret J BeneshMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd term
    Judith L CovingtonMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Maria FungMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Russell E GoodmanMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Joel K HaackMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Gizem KaraaliMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Haseeb A KaziMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Tamara J LakinsMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Dr. Jessica LibertiniMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Sarah LoebMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Committee Charge
    10/29/2019Classroom Resource Materials contains books and collections of modules often organized around an individual course, mathematical theme, or innovative pedagogical practice. The series also includes unusual textbooks. The focus of books may lie outside the curriculum and instead contribute to other facets of a professor's teaching mission such as creating undergraduate research programs, introducing career options to math majors, and developing mathematical communities.
    College Mathematics Journal Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. sarah-marie belcastroAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Arthur T BenjaminAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr. Anders O.F. HendricksonAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Allison Kyla HenrichAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Heather A HulettAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr. Emille Davie LawrenceAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr. Peter R MercerAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Mr Jonathan NeedlemanAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Nancy Ann Ann NeudauerAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Brigitte I ServatiusAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr Alain TogbeAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr. Enrique Trevino PhDAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Todd G WillAssoc Editor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr. Dominic KlyveEditor1/01/201912/31/2023
    Dr. Ricardo AlfaroMember1/01/201912/31/2023Classroom Capsules Editor
    Dr. Charles N CurtisMember1/01/201912/31/2023Problems Board
    Dr. Lixing HanMember1/01/201912/31/2023Classroom Capsules, Editor
    Tanya L LeiseMember1/01/201912/31/2023Media Highlights Editor
    Prof. Kenneth E SchillingMember1/01/201912/31/2023Classroom Capsules Editor
    Dr. Philip D Straffin Jr.Member1/01/201912/31/2023Media Highlights Editor
    Committee on Books
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. John H McClearyChair2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
    Carol A. BaxterMember10/11/20131/31/2023Ex Officio, Associate Director of Publications
    Dr Virginia M BuchananMember2/01/20201/31/2023Ex Officio Co-Editor, Spectrum
    Dr. George T GilbertMember1/01/20211/31/2024Ex Officio, Chair of Problem Book Series
    William R GreenMember2/01/20201/31/2023Ex Officio, Co-Editor, MAA Textbooks
    Dr. Cynthia J HuffmanMember2/01/20191/31/2022Ex Officio, Classroom Resource Editorial Baord
    Stephen F KennedyMember7/01/20136/30/2022Ex Officio, Senior Acquisitions Editor
    Suzanne Lynne LarsonMember2/01/20201/31/2023EX Officio, Co-Editor, MAA Textbooks
    Prof. Elizabeth W McMahonMember1/01/20201/31/2023Ex Officio, Editor, MAA Notes
    Bruce P PalkaMember1/01/20191/31/2022Ex Officio, Editor, Carus Monographs Board
    C Ray RosentraterMember1/01/20201/31/2023Editor, Dolciani
    Stanley E SeltzerMember2/01/20201/31/2023EX Officio, Co-Editor Spectrum
    Dr. Susan G StaplesMember2/01/20191/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Publications
    Committee Charge
    1/12/2010To approve new books before publication and ensure that the various editors communicate with one another as well as with editors of print and electronic journals.

    To support its associate editors and serve as the starting point for problem solving and innovation in the relevant area of publication. In particular, proposals for changes in the MAA portfolio of publications will be analyzed first by this committee.


    This committee will include all the editors of book series and relevant staff (the Senior Acquistions Editor and the Associate Director for Publications, at present).
    Committee on Journals
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Susan Jane ColleyChair2/01/20171/31/2022Ex Officio, The American Mathematical Monthly
    Dr. Amy K Ackerberg-HastingsMember2/01/20191/31/2023Ex Officio, Convergence
    Dr. Janet Heine BarnettMember2/01/20191/31/2023Ex Officio, Convergence
    Tom EdgarMember1/01/20201/31/2024Ex Officio, Editor, Math Horizons
    Dr. Jacqueline A Jensen-VallinMember7/01/20206/30/2022Ex Officio, Editor, MAA Focus
    Dr. Dominic KlyveMember1/01/201912/31/2023Ex Officio, College Mathematics Journal
    Jason RosenhouseMember1/01/202012/31/2024Ex Officio, Editor, Math Magazine
    Dr. Susan G StaplesMember2/01/20191/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair, Countil on Publications
    Committee Charge
    1/12/2010To monitor operations of all periodicals and communications, ensuring that the various editors communicate with one another, as well as with the editors of book series.

    To support its associate editors and serve as the starting point for problem solving and innovation in the relevant area of publication. In particular, proposals for changes in the MAA portfolio of publications will be analyzed first by this committee.

    The Committee on Journals will include all editors of journals (print and electronic), the executive director of MathDL, and relevant staff the Assistant Director for Publications, at present).
    Convergence Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Amy K Ackerberg-HastingsCo-Editor1/01/201912/31/2023Co-Editor; Third term, 1st as Editor
    Dr. Janet Heine BarnettCo-Editor1/01/201912/31/2023Co-Editor; Third term, 1st as Editor
    Dr. Paul R BialekMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Eugene C BomanMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Ximena CatepillanMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Sloan E DespeauxMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Joel K HaackMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Toke Lindegaard KnudsenMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr Stacy G LangtonMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Elizabeth MayfieldMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Michael G MolinskyMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Dr. Andrew PerryMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Mr Adrian RiceMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Amy E Shell-GellaschMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
    Dr. Erik R TouMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Prof. Laura TurnerMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dolciani Mathematical Expositions Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    C Ray RosentraterChair2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term; 1st term as chair
    Priscilla S BremserMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Prof. Alfred M DahmaMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Dr. Matthew E DeLongMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Heather Ann DyeMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Prof. Christopher L FrenzenMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Jennifer R GalovichMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Kimberly J Jongerius PhDMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Katharine OttMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Prof. Thomas A RichmondMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    MAA Focus Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Matt BoelkinsAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    David M BressoudAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Jamylle Carter PhDAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Dr. Jessica M DeshlerAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Michael John DorffAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Stephen F KennedyAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Dr. Dandrielle Cherie Lewis PhDAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Dr. Audrey MalagonAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Dr. Hwayeon RyuAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Nicholas A ScovilleAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Dr. James A SellersAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Prof. Hortensia SotoAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Matthew K VoigtAssoc Editor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Dr. Jacqueline A Jensen-VallinEditor7/01/20206/30/2022
    Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/202112/31/2023MAA President
    MAA Notes Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Elizabeth W McMahonEditor2/01/20201/31/2023!st Term as Editor
    Dr. Crista L ArangalaMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Dr. Vinodh Kumar ChellamuthuMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Suzanne HamonMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Heather A HulettMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    David R MazurMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Dr. Eileen MurrayMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Lisa Rezac PhDMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. John M ZobitzMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    MAA Reviews and Basic Library List Editorial Bd
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Tricia Muldoon BrownAssoc Editor2/01/20191/31/2022
    Daniel John CurtinAssoc Editor2/01/20211/31/2022
    Dr. Deborah L GochenaurAssoc Editor2/01/20201/31/2022
    Michele IntermontAssoc Editor2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Benjamin LinowitzAssoc Editor2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. John Daniel RossAssoc Editor2/01/20201/31/2022
    Bill SatzerAssoc Editor2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Brian T BorchersEditor2/01/20191/30/2022
    Committee Charge
    3/22/2019combined MAA Reviews and basic library list into one new Editorial Board
    MAA Textbooks Series
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    William R GreenCo-Editor2/01/20201/31/20231st term as chair
    Suzanne Lynne LarsonCo-Editor2/01/20201/31/20231st term as chair
    Prof. Paul T. AllenMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Mark E BollmanMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Debra Susan CarneyMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Hugh HowardsMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    William JohnstonMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Emek KoseMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Michael J McAseyMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Thomas C RatliffMember2/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Pamela Anne RichardsonMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Jeffrey L StuartMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Dr. Ron D Taylor JrMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Ruth VanderpoolMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Elizabeth WilcoxMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Committee Charge
    3/03/2020MAA Textbooks Series publishes high-quality textbooks that span the undergraduate mathematics experience. MAA textbooks range from those used in a first mathematics or quantitative literacy course to those used in upper-level mathematics courses. The series prizes and produces well-written and thoughtfully structured textbooks that provide value for both students and instructors. The series aims to produce highest quality affordable alternatives to for-profit publishers for undergraduate instruction.
    Math Horizons Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Tom EdgarEditor1/01/202012/31/2024
    Prof. Julie A BarnesMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Marc A ChamberlandMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Alissa S CransMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Susan E D'AgostinoMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    James GrimeMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Kelsey Houston-EdwardsMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Kevin KnudsonMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Pamela B PierceMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Alicia Prieto LangaricaMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Sara B QuinnMember1/01/20201/31/2024
    Dr. Amites SarkarMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Shahriar ShahriariMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Amy E Shell-GellaschMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Brittany SheltonMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Jessica K SklarMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Prof. Gabriel Sosa CastilloMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Katherine StangeMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Bruce F TorrenceMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Robert W VallinMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Ellen VeomettMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Glen T WhitneyMember7/01/201812/31/2021Problems Editor
    Dr. Aris WingerMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Math Values Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Deanna B HaunspergerEditor1/01/202112/31/2023
    Tim P ChartierMember1/01/202112/31/2023
    Allison Kyla HenrichMember1/01/202112/31/2023
    Melinda LaniusMember1/01/202112/31/2023
    Haydee Lindo PhDMember1/01/202112/31/2023
    Dr. Shanise WalkerMember1/01/202112/31/2023
    Mathematics Magazine Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Eduardo DuenezAssoc Editor9/01/2016
    Jason RosenhouseEditor1/01/202012/31/2024
    Jennifer E BeinekeMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Leah Wrenn BermanMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Paul J CampbellMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. David DuncanMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Prof. Rebecca GarciaMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Stanley Ryan HuddyMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Warren JohnsonMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dominic LanphierMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Dawn Alisha LottMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Edwin O'SheaMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Michael E Orrison JrMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Les ReidMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Bonita V SaundersMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Ksenija Simic-MullerMember1/01/202012/31/2024
    Dr. Deirdre L SmeltzerMember1/01/20201/31/2024
    Problem Books Series
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. George T GilbertChair2/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Hongwei Chen PhDMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Ioana DumitriuMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. David A NashMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Roger B NelsenMember1/01/20211/31/2022
    Dr. Gregory OmanMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Spectrum Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr Virginia M BuchananCo-Editor2/01/20201/31/2023
    Stanley E SeltzerCo-Editor1/01/20201/31/2023
    Dr. Michael BaranyMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Andrew BeveridgeMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd term
    Evan D FisherMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Dr. Donna L FlintMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Lily S. KhadjaviMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Prof John LorchMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Cayla Danielle McBeeMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Dr. Jennifer Belinda SchaeferMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Committee Charge
    1/31/2011To publish a broad range of books including biographies, accessible expositions of old or new mathematical ideas, reprints and revisions of excellent out-of-print books, popular works, and other monographs of high interest that will appeal to a broad range of readers, including students and teachers of mathematics, mathematical amateurs, and researchers.

    Spectrum Books will consist of wide-ranging, high-quality volumes that complement existing series and round out the Association's overall book publishing program. Proposed projects include biographies, popular expositions of old and new ideas in the mathematical sciences, elementary problem books, volumes dealing with historical topics, and books that focus on the teaching of mathematics. Occasional reprints of outstanding out-of-print books might also become Spectrum volumes.

    This committee was formed in 1987.
    The Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. John H McClearyEditor2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term as Editor
    Prof. Tatiana ShubinMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Thomas Q SibleyMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Bruce F TorrenceMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Japheth WoodMember1/01/20211/31/2024