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Council on Meetings

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Martha L AbellChair2/01/20186/30/2022
Dr. Jeffrey William ClarkMember2/01/20211/31/2024Ex Officio, Chair Committee on Minicourses; 2nd term
Timothy D ComarMember2/01/20216/30/2024Ex officio, Chair, Committee on Session of Contributed Papers; 2nd term
Dr. Jessica LibertiniMember2/01/20196/30/2022Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Invited Paper Sessions
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/201812/31/2022Ex Officio, Associate Secretary
Ben SpaismanMember8/01/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Chief Business Officer
Dr. David TaylorMember2/01/20201/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Panels, Poster Sessions and Workshops
Committee Charge

  • Oversee professional development activities provided to MAA members, including those at national meetings.

  • Suggest new opportunities for professional development.

  • Coordinate and support the work of those committees devoted to professional development and meetings.

  • Coordinate the planning of each national meeting by working with the appropriate program and other committees.

  • Make recommendations for implementing strategic planning recommendations.
  • 8/22/2017The Board of Directors will appoint the chair for a four year term.
    AMS-MAA Exhibits Advisory Subcommittee of the Joint Meetings
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/20181/31/2023
    Committee Charge
    11/01/1993 To provide a forum for the discussion of all phases of commercial exhibits at the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) and their effect on the meeting and its participants.

    To serve as the Joint Meetings Committee's (JMC) channel for communications to and cooperation with exhibitors, participants and staff regarding the commercial exhibits.

    To recommend to the JMC actions which will improve and expand the commercial exhibit activity.

    To give advice to the JMC regarding proposed changes to exhibit operations.

    The committee is also encouraged to be active in seeking and generating ideas for improvement rather than simply responding to submissions.
    AMS-MAA Joint Meetings Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Hortensia SotoChair8/01/201812/31/2022MAA, Associate Secretary
    Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/201212/31/2021MAA, Executive Director
    Committee Charge
    6/03/2011 To govern and oversee all phases of the conduct of the January Joint Mathematics Meetings. This includes site selection (subject to final approval by the AMS's Secretary and Associate Secretary, and the MAA's Board of Governors), approving and scheduling all items on the program, and all organizational and financial aspects (e.g., registration fees) of the meeting.


  • The Committee is joint and standing
  • The number of members is 5. All members serve ex officio
  • Members consist of Executive Directors both of AMS and MAA, the AMS Secretary, the MAA Associate Secretary and the AMS Director of Meetings, who is a nonvoting member.
  • The Chair alternates on an annual basis between the AMS (even-numbered years) and the MAA (odd-numbered years).
  • AMS-MAA-SIAM Joint Committee on the Porter Public Lecture
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Mariel VazquezChair2/01/20211/31/2022SIAM Representative
    Satyan L DevadossMember1/01/20216/30/2024MAA Representative
    Ms Misha E KilmerMember1/01/20201/31/2023AMS Representative
    Jonathan C. MattinglyMember2/01/20201/31/2023SIAM Representative
    Joseph M TeranMember2/01/20211/31/2024AMS Representative
    Glen T WhitneyMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term; MAA Representative
    Committee Charge
    9/25/2013To select the speaker to give the Gerald and Judith Porter Public Lecture at the Joint Mathematics Meetings each January; the Committee makes its recommendation to the Associate Secretary of the MAA by March 1.

    Committee Composition
    The Committee is a joint committee of six with two members from each of AMS, MAA, SIAM; the chair of the committee will rotate among the societies. The rotation is as follows: MAA, AMS, SIAM.
    AWM-MAA Joint Committee on the Etta Z. Falconer Lecture
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Katie QuertermousChair2/01/20191/31/2022AWM Representative
    Colm K MulcahyMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term, MAA Representative
    Bonita V SaundersMember7/01/20216/30/2025
    Mr Eric WalkerMember2/01/20201/31/2023AWM Representative
    Committee Charge
    1/31/2011To choose AWM-MAA Etta Z. Falconer Lecturer for summer MAA MathFest.

    Recommendations should include at least two names (ranked) with background and contact information for each of the nominees. The decision of the committee should be sent to the President of AWM, and both the Secretary and Associate Secretary of the MAA.

    The Associate Secretary of the MAA shall issue the invitation to the first person on the list on behalf of AWM and MAA, with the second person as backup, etc.

    Nominations for this honor shall be received by the Associate Secretary of the MAA no later than September 30 of the year preceding the MathFest at which the lecture is to be presented.
    Committee on Invited Paper Sessions
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Jessica LibertiniChair2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term, 1st as Chair
    Amanda FolsomMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. Opel T. JonesMember1/01/20211/31/2023
    Dr. Krystina K LeganzaMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. Eric S MarlandMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Douglas MupasiriMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/201812/31/2022Ex Officio, Associate Secretary
    Committee Charge
    1/12/2010 To:

  • review and recommend policy for inclusion of Invited Paper Sessions in the program on MAA national meetings;
  • contact potential organizers of Invited Paper Sessions and assist them in developing sessions that ensure substantial mathematical content in the MAA program at each national meeting;
  • work with the Program Committee for each meeting to provide a coherent and balanced program; and
  • monitor and evaluate Invited Paper Sessions as they are offered.
  • Committee on Minicourses
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Jeffrey William ClarkChair2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Lauren Clark PhDMember1/01/20201/31/2023
    Randall D HelmstutlerMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Heidi HulsizerMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Jon JacobsenMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Dr. Joel KiltyMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Dr. Marcos D LopezMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Alison Gordon LynchMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Dr. Alison MarrMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Amanda Hagen Matson PhDMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Andrew J MillerMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Gerard L Ornas Jr.Member2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Dr. Thomas W PolaskiMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Ms. Lynn Foshee ReedMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/201812/31/2022Ex Officio, Associate Secretary
    Dr. Roberto SotoMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Committee Charge
    2/04/2011To coordinate minicourses at MathFest and the Joint Mathematics Meetings each year.

    This includes appointing a member of the committee to serve as the minicourse coordinator for each meeting, arranging for course monitors, conducting course evaluations, and providing guidelines for minicourse presenters, monitors and coordinators.

    Monitor minicourses. This includes taking and verifying attendance, assisting the presenters, collecting participant data and evaluations, and ensuring that courses run as smoothly as possible.

    Review the evaluations of minicourses to gain information regarding participant views on minicourses and suggested topics for future minicourses. The committee may encourage presenters of successful minicourses to consider repeating the minicourse at a future meeting. The committee may also contact leaders in the field in an effort to offer minicourses on recommended topics.

    Evaluate minicourse proposals and select those to be included in the slate of minicourses as well as make recommendations to improve proposals. October-November for MathFest; January-March for the Joint Mathematics Meetings). Attention is given so that the slate of minicourses covers a range of timely topics.

    Provide the MAA Staff with the necessary information on each minicourse by way of the Minicourse Profiles so that each can be publicized and scheduled with the appropriate technological and logistical needs.

    Periodically review MAA policies regarding minicourses and make recommendations for changes as appropriate.
    Committee on Panels, Poster Sessions and Workshops
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. David TaylorChair2/01/20201/31/20231st term as chair
    Cynthia M FarthingMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Dr. Molly FennMember1/01/20206/30/2023
    Sharon M Frechette PhDMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Dr. Karl M KruczekMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Prof. Abraham S. MantellMember2/01/20211/31/20242nd Term
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/201812/31/2022Ex Officio, Associate Secretary
    Carolyn YackelMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Committee Charge
    12/10/2010To recommend and review policy on the inclusion of panel discussions, poster sessions, and workshops (other than minicourses and short courses) in MAA national meetings. To evaluate and recommend proposals for the MAA scientific program at national meetings in accordance with that policy.
    Committee on Sessions of Contributed Papers
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Timothy D ComarChair2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. John C DiamantopoulosMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Cathy ErbesMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Dr. Tim FlowersMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Holley FriedlanderMember2/02/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Dr Emelie A KenneyMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Christy Sue LangleyMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Steven M McKayMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Christina PospisilMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Kimberly A RothMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Melvin G RoyerMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Dr. Therese N SheltonMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/201812/31/2022Ex Officio, Associate Secretary
    Dr. April StromMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. Diana ThomasMember1/01/20191/31/2022
    Dr. John TravisMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Committee Charge

    Periodically review MAA policy regarding contributed paper sessions and make recommendations to the Council on Meetings and Professional Development for changes as appropriate;

    Evaluate paper session proposals in advance of each meeting (October for MathFest; January for the Joint Mathematics Meetings);

    Collect data on attendance and the number of talks offered at each session;

    Make recommendations to organizers to improve session foci and descriptions if deemed necessary;

    Ensure that each meeting has a coherent and balanced slate of contributed paper sessions that emphasizes sessions with substantial mathematical content and scholarly research;

    Identify subject areas appropriate for future paper sessions and promote proposals in these topic areas;

    Provide the MAA staff with the necessary logistical needs for each paper session and provide session summaries so that each can be publicized;

    Arrange for at least two committee members to co-organize each General Contributed Paper Session. The primary responsibilities of a GCPS organizer are to schedule the GCPS presentations, contact speakers, and arrange for session monitors. Each committee member is expected to co-organize at least one GCPS during his/her term.
    Committee on the Earle Raymond Hedrick Lectures
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    T. Christine StevensChair2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
    Dr. Owen D ByerMember1/01/20216/30/2024
    Prof. Jesus A De LoeraMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Robert L DevaneyMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
    Prof. Tara S HolmMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Judy L WalkerMember2/01/20191/31/20222nd Term
    Committee Charge
    1/31/2011To nominate the Hedrick lecturer.

    At each of its summer meetings, the Association shall sponsor a series of expository lecturers, not to exceed three in number, to be known as the Earle Raymond Hedrick Lectures.

    The nomination must be approved by the Board of Directors.
    Committee on the James R. C. Leitzel Lecture
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Angie M Hodge-Zickerman PhDChair2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term as chair
    Dr. Linda BraddyMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
    Dr. Lewis D LudwigMember1/01/20196/30/2022
    Dr. P Nell K RayburnMember2/01/20196/30/20222nd Term
    Committee on Virtual Programs
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Alexander Diaz-LopezChair1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Jeffrey William ClarkMember1/01/20211/31/2024Ex Offico, Chair of Committee on Minicourses
    Kiera EdwardsMember1/01/20211/31/2026Ex Officio, Director of Programs and Grants Management
    Rosa Maria FusterMember1/01/20211/31/2024
    Dr. Jessica LibertiniMember1/01/20216/30/2022Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Invied Paper Sessions
    Megan MockoMember1/01/20211/31/2023
    Dr. David TaylorMember1/01/20211/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Panels, Poster Sessions and Workshops
    Committee Charge
    11/18/2020The committee will review proposals for virtual programming in February, May, and October, with responsibility for creating a schedule for the relevant, upcoming sessions. The committee shall assemble a timely, relevant, and robust program of virtual presentations, workshops, and training, designed to be responsive to needs of the mathematical community. The key components of virtual programs are online delivery, active participation, and relevant, engaging content. While proposals for one-off virtual events can be considered, the committee should encourage proposals for series consisting of up to four events on a single theme, to be run at regular intervals over a period of weeks or months within a semester, and potentially having interim opportunities for participant engagement and community building.

    Programs should fall under one of the three following areas:

    1. Society & Profession: Programs in this category should bring a thoughtful mathematical perspective to engaging issues that impact individuals, departments/institutions, and the broader community

    2. Teaching & Learning: These programs are designed to support the development of faculty in effective teaching within a changing environment.

    3. Expository Mathematics: Akin to articles published in MAA periodicals, talks at MathFest Invited Paper Sessions, or Distinguished Lecture Series presentations, this category of virtual programming invites lively, engaging, and accessible expository presentations on mathematical topics.

    The chair of the committee will work with MAA programs staff to generate a call for proposals and formulate a general communication plan.

    Committee Composition: The committee shall consist of seven members including one MAA staff member (Director of Programs and Grants Management). Three members should come from the MAA Committee on Invited Paper Sessions, MAA Committee on Minicourses, and MAA Committee on Panels, Poster Sessions and Workshops (one member from each of these three committees). Each of these three members of this committee is not required to be the chair of the corresponding committees. Three other members of this committee will be selected from the MAA community.
    Meetings Management Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. C Allen ButlerMember2/01/20211/31/2025EX Officio, Treasurer
    Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/201612/31/2021Ex Officio, Executive Director
    Dr. James A SellersMember2/01/20181/31/2022Secretary
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember8/01/20181/31/2022Associate Secretary
    Ben SpaismanMember9/20/20171/31/2024Ex Officio, Director to whom the meetings department reports
    Committee Charge
    1/04/2012To oversee the annual summer and winter meetings of the MAA. Responsibilities include business and logistical management, sites for future meetings, and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding registration fees and the participation of other organizations. In addition, the Committee will periodically review the overall structure of the program at MathFest and make recommendations for changes to the Associate Secretary.

    Committee membership: The membership of the committee will not change. All members are ex officio: Associate Secretary (chair), Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director, and MAA director to whom the meetings department reports; the director of meetings is a nonvoting member. The Chair of the Council on Meetings and Professional Development is invited to meetings of this Committee.

    January 14, 2014 and then updated May 24, 2017