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Council on Communities

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Kira Hylton HammanChair2/01/20216/30/2025
Dr. Caroline Maher-BoulisMember2/01/20216/30/2024Ex Officio, Chair of BIG
Lisa E MaranoMember2/01/20211/31/2024Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Sections
Emilie A PurvineMember1/01/20206/30/2023Ex Officio, Chair Membership Committee
Prof. Raina RobevaMember7/01/20226/30/2025Ex Officio, Chair, Committee on Sections
Ben SpaismanMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Offcio, Chief Business Officer
Committee Charge
8/22/2017The charge to all councils is given in the MAA bylaws, Article VII.3.
In addition to those charges the Council on Communities will
(i) Advise the Association on issues related to the various member communities represented on the Council
(ii) Make recommendations to the Committee on Committees and Councils as to needs of communities not currently addressed by any committee
(iii) Seek ways to coordinate the interests and activities of the various member communities and encourage collaboration among them.

The Board of Directors will appoint the chair for a four year term.
Committee on Sections
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Lisa E MaranoChair2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
Cheryl AdamsMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Director, Customer and Member Relations
Prof. Julie A BarnesMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Dr. Karen E Clark PhDMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
Dr. Steven M DeckelmanMember1/01/20216/30/2024
Dr. Thomas D HendricksMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
Dr Colleen G LivingstonMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Dr. Linda McGuireMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. Perla L MyersMember1/01/20216/30/2024
Thomas Q SibleyMember1/01/20216/30/2024
Dr. Karen Batt StanishMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
Dr. Ron D Taylor JrMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Committee Charge
6/11/2013To support and coordinate activities of the Sections and advise the Board on all matters related to Sections.
Committee on SIGMAAs
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Prof. Raina RobevaChair7/01/20226/30/20251st term as Chair; 2nd on committee
Cheryl AdamsMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Director, Customer and Member Relations
Dr. Megan Breit-GoodwinMember7/01/20226/30/20252nd Term
Shanna DobsonMember1/01/20216/30/2024
Dr. Nicole M Engelke InfanteMember7/01/20226/30/20252nd Term
Bonnie GoldMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Mr Jeffrey IbbotsonMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
Herbert E KasubeMember2/01/20206/30/20232nd Term
Dr. Linda McGuireMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Nancy Ann NeudauerMember2/01/20221/31/2026Ex Offcio, Associate Secretary
Philip A YatesMember2/01/20216/30/20242nd Term
Committee Charge
1/28/2011To monitor activities of SIGMAAs and see that the SIGMAAs are properly connected to the organizational structure of the MAA;

to present issues concerning SIGMAAs to the Board of Directors;

to address issues facing the SIGMAAs, such as elections, websites, membership, etc.;

to recommend the acceptance of new SIGMAAs or dissolution of non-functioning SIGMAAs to the Board of Directors.
Committee on Student Concerns
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Jeffrey William ClarkChair7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. Feryal AlayontMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Richard Kevin MaxwellMember2/15/20226/30/2025
Kristin MorrisMember7/01/20226/30/2025MAA Staff Representative
Dr. Lori ZiegelmeierMember2/15/20226/30/2025
Committee Charge
2/15/2022To identify the needs and concerns of undergraduate and graduate students in the mathematical sciences.

To provide advice and make recommendations to the MAA Board of Directors on matters related to student needs and concerns.

To help develop and implement MAA products and services, not including programming at meetings that falls under the purview of the Committees on Undergraduate and Graduate Student Programming, that is of interest and benefit to students.
Membership Committee
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Emilie A PurvineChair2/01/20206/30/20231st term as chair
Dr. C Allen ButlerMember2/01/20211/31/2025Ex officio, Treasurer
Valerie ChauMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. Shawn ChiappettaMember7/01/20226/30/20232nd Term
Mr. Stephen D CoolbaughMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Director of Membership
Prof. Joyati DebnathMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Prof. Semra Kilic-Bahi PhDMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Jonathan RognessMember7/01/20226/30/20252nd Term
Mr. Robert Snellman Jr.Member1/01/20216/30/2024
Jennifer TravisMember8/19/20216/30/2023
Prof. Dina YagodichMember1/01/20206/30/2023
Committee Charge
1/03/2022In consultation with relevant MAA committees, members, prospective members, and other stakeholders:

    • to identify the needs of current and prospective MAA members,
    • to make recommendations for ways in which MAA membership benefits might meet these needs,
    • to review proposals for maintaining and expanding membership in the MAA, and
    • to work closely with the MAA staff to ensure the feasibility and implementations of the committee's recommendations.

    Revised by the Board of Directors November 6, 2021