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Council and Committees List

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Board of Directors

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Jennifer J QuinnChair2/01/20211/31/2023President
Dr. Edray Herber Goins PhDMember2/01/20221/31/2024Chair, Congress
Dr. Emille Davie LawrenceMember2/01/20211/31/2023Officer-at-Large, Congress
Lisa E MaranoMember2/01/20211/31/2024Chair, Committee on Sections; 2nd Term
Nancy Ann NeudauerMember2/01/20221/31/2026Associate Secretary
Adriana SalernoMember2/01/20221/31/2024Vice President
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20221/31/2023President-elect
Dr. Cynthia J WyelsSecretary2/01/20221/31/2026Secretary
Dr. C Allen ButlerTreasurer2/01/20211/31/2025Treasurer
Budget Committee
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. C Allen ButlerChair2/01/20211/31/2025Treasurer
Dr. Edray Herber Goins PhDMember2/01/20221/31/2024Chair, Congress
Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20211/31/2023President
Ms. Kimberly M Rutland-StarksMember10/14/20216/30/2025Ex Officio, Chief Financial Officer
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20221/31/2023President-elect
Committee Charge
1/03/2012The charge of the Budget Committee is to work with the Executive Director and Director of Finance to prepare an annual budget for the MAA subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Further, it shall work with the staff to monitor the current financial status of MAA operations throughout the year and, in so doing, shall be concerned about the early awareness of significant deviations from the budget (decreases in income, threatened increases in expenditures, modifications in the budget, expenditures from the contingency fund, etc.). If necessary, the budget Committee should alert the Executive Committee to developing financial problems and should make appropriate recommendations for corrective action.
Committee on Committees and Councils
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Jennifer J QuinnChair2/01/20211/31/2023
Dr. Matthew E DeLongMember7/01/20226/30/2026Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Meetings
Richard Alan GillmanMember2/01/20206/30/2024Ex Offico, Chair of Council on the Profession
Kira Hylton HammanMember2/01/20216/30/2025Chair, Council on Communities
Dr. Audrey MalagonMember2/01/20211/31/2025Chair, Council on Teaching and Learning
Dr. Maeve Lewis McCarthyMember7/01/20226/30/2026Chair, Council on Prizes and Awards
Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/201612/31/2025Ex Officio, Executive Director
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20221/31/2023President-Elect
Dr. Susan G StaplesMember2/01/20191/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Publications
Dr. Cynthia J WyelsMember2/01/20221/31/2026Secretary
Committee Charge
8/16/2010The Charge of the the Committee on Committees and Councils (CoCC) is to oversee the committee and council structure. It shall make recommendations to the Board on charges to councils, standing committees and subcommittees, and on the creation or dissolution of councils and committees. It shall advise the President on appointments to councils and committees except where the procedure for filling of a vacancy is prescribed elsewhere in the Bylaws.
Committee on Competitions
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Bela BajnokChair7/01/20197/31/2024AMC Director
Silva ChangMember7/01/20196/30/2023Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 8
Gary P GordonMember7/01/20226/30/2026Co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 10/12
Jonathan M KaneMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIME
Mr. Sergey LevinMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIME
Alex (sasha) RudenkoMember7/01/20226/20/2025Co-Editor-in-Chief, USA(J)MO
Dr. Enrique Trevino PhDMember7/01/20226/30/2025Co-Editor-in-Chief, USA(J)MO
Daniel H UllmanMember7/01/202212/31/2026Putnam Director
Dr. Carl YergerMember7/01/20196/30/2026Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 10/12
Paul A ZeitzMember7/01/20226/30/2026AMC at Large
AIME Editorial Board
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
David J AltizioAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Matthew BabbittAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2024
Steven E BlasbergAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2024
Dr Miklos BonaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Ivan BorsencoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
In Young ChoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Ms Cathleen CraviottoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Zuming FengAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Zachary FrancoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Sherry GongAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr Jerrold W GrossmanAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Michaela HubatovaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Chris JeuellAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Prof. Elgin H JohnstonAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Mr. Qiusheng (Joseph) LiAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Ricky Ini LiuAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Behzad MehrdadAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Pedro Morales-AlmazanAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr Richard T Newcomb IIAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Cody L PattersonAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Gabriella A PinterAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Qi QiAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Alex (sasha) RudenkoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Mark E SaulAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Walter Rees StromquistAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Matyas SustikAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Mr Jonathan L WeinsteinAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Prof. David M WellsAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Mirroslav YotovAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Inna ZakharevichAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Paul A ZeitzAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2034
Rachel ZhangAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Jonathan M KaneCo-Editor7/01/20196/30/2024Co-Editor-in-Chief
Mr. Sergey LevinCo-Editor7/01/20196/30/2024Co-Editor-in-Chief
Bela BajnokMember7/01/20197/31/2024Ex Officio, AMC Director, Chair of Committee on Compeittions
Gary P GordonMember7/01/20226/30/2026Ex Officio, Co-Editore AMC 10/12
Dr. Carl YergerMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 10/12
AMC 10 and 12 Editorial Board
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Theodore M AlperAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
David J AltizioAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Risto AtanasovAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Adam BesenyeiAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Chris BologneseAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr Miklos BonaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Mine Cetinkaya-RundelAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2026
Margaret CoffeyAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Mr Don CrossfieldAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Steven W DavisAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Steven R DunbarAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Zuming FengAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Mary K. FlaggAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Zachary FrancoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Mr Peter GilchristAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Jon GraetzAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2026
Andrea GrofAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr Jerrold W GrossmanAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Thomas D Howell PhDAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Chris JeuellAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Daniel R JordanAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Sameer KailasaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Elene KarangozishviliAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2026
Dr. Edward C KeppelmannAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Tuwaner LamarAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Mr. Qiusheng (Joseph) LiAssoc Editor7/01/20197/01/2026
Dr. Ioana MihailaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Prof. Hugh L MontgomeryAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Pedro Morales-AlmazanAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Ms. Susan Schwartz WildstromAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Mr Lucian F SegaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Matyas SustikAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Michael TangAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Katherine ThompsonAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2026
Dr. Agnes TuskaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Dr. Robert W VallinAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Mr Jonathan L WeinsteinAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Prof. David M WellsAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2026
Kathleen WongAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2024
Dr. Wing Hong Tony WongAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2026
Gary P GordonCo-Editor7/01/20226/30/2026
Dr. Carl YergerCo-Editor7/11/20196/30/2026Co-Editor-in-Chief
Bela BajnokMember7/01/20197/31/2024Ex Officio, AMC Director and Chair of Committee on Competitions
Silva ChangMember7/01/20196/30/2023Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 8
Jonathan M KaneMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIME
Mr. Sergey LevinMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIME
AMC 8 Editorial Board
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Dr. Hannah AlpertAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Helen BeylkinAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Alejandro Chavez-DominguezAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dotty DadyAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Tivadar DivekiAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dr. Steven R DunbarAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dr. Marta EsoAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dr. Pari FordAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Prof. Thomas R HagedornAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Jeffrey HarrisonAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Susan A HoltzappleAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2023
Steven R KleeAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dr. Tuwaner LamarAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dr Lucas A MonzonAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Mr Richard D MorrowAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Mrs. Isil NalAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Bryan NevarezAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Ms Granya M O'NeillAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Dr Andrew J RadcliffeAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Erika Roldan RoaAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Thomas SeibelAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Daheng ShenAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Mr Jeganathan J SriskandarajahAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Patrick VennebushAssoc Editor8/18/20226/30/2023
Prof. David M WellsAssoc Editor7/11/20196/30/2023
Jessie ZhangAssoc Editor7/01/20196/30/2023
Silva ChangCo-Editor7/01/20196/30/2023Co-Editor-in-Chief
Bela BajnokMember7/01/20197/31/2024Ex Officio, Director of American Mathematics Competitions, Chair of Committee on Comptitions
Gary P GordonMember7/01/20226/30/2026Ex Officio, AMC 10/12 co-EIC
Dr. Azar N KhosravaniMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 10/12
Dr. Carl YergerMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, co-Editor-in-Chief AMC 10/12
The Putnam Exam Editorial Board
USAMO and USAJMO Editorial Board
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Aruzhan AmanbayevaAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Serena AnAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. Titu AndreescuAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Ankan BhattacharyaAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Brandon ChenAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Zachary Chroman,Assoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Sanjana DasAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Prof Silvia FernandezAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Maximiliano Sanchez GarzaAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. Razvan GelcaAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Ms Maria Monks GillespieAssoc Editor7/01/20226/20/2025
Gopal K GoelAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Andrew GuAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Meghal GuptaAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Joshua LeeAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Wanlin LiAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Mr. James LinAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
TianKai LiuAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Oleksandr MarkovichenkoAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Holden MuiAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Evan O'DorneyAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Prof. Mohamed OmarAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. M.Tip PhaovibulAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Cosmin PohoataAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Tudor PopescuAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Michael RenAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Alex (sasha) RudenkoAssoc Editor8/18/20226/30/2025
Ashwin SahAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Dr. Mark E SaulAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Carl SchildkrautAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Olya SilinaAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Pablo Soberon-BravoAssoc Editor9/12/20226/30/2025
Anton TrygubAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Yuan YaoAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Paul A ZeitzAssoc Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Rachel ZhangAssoc Editor7/01/20228/10/2025
Dr. Enrique Trevino PhDCo-Editor7/01/20226/30/2025
Bela BajnokMember7/01/20197/31/2024Ex Officio, AMC Director, Chair of Committee on Competitions
John BermanMember7/22/20226/30/2025
Dr. Zuming FengMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Sherry GongMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Jonathan M KaneMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIME
Mr. Sergey LevinMember7/01/20196/30/2024Ex Officio, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIME
Prof. Stephen C LockeMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Mihir SinghalMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Prof. Richard A StongMember7/01/20226/25/3020
Walter Rees StromquistMember7/01/20226/30/2025
Committee on Personnel
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. C Allen ButlerChair2/01/20211/31/2025Ex Officio, Treasurer
Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20211/31/2023Ex Officio, President
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20221/31/2023President-Elect
Committee Charge
10/28/2014The Committee on Personnel is comprised of the Treasurer as Chair, the President, and the President-Elect (or Immediate Past President if there is no President-Elect).

The charge of the committee is as follows:

1.) To provide management oversight of the Executive Director and the general management of the Association. In particular, it shall determine the compensation of the Executive Director and any other staff as recommended in IRS guidelines; the budget shall be adjusted as necessary to provide for any such expenses.

2.) To determine the compensation and any other support provided by the Association for its non-employees; the budget shall be adjusted as necessary to provide for any such expenses.

3.) To review the Association's human resources and benefits policies affecting the MAA staff, including benefits and compensation, recruiting and staffing, performance evaluation, and organizational structure.
Committee on Reports
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Cynthia J WyelsChair2/01/20221/31/2026Secretary
Dr. Audrey MalagonMember2/01/20216/30/2025Ex officio, Chair, Council on Teaching and Learning
Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/20191/31/2025
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20221/31/2023President-Elect
Dr. Susan G StaplesMember2/01/20191/31/2023Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Publications
Committee Charge
1/28/2011The charge is to define the criteria for deciding whether a report shall be published and in what form. This policy shall be submitted to the Executive Committees for approval. The Committee on Reports shall develop "MAA Guidelines for Reports."
Membership: Secretary (Chair), Chairs of the Councils on Teaching and Learning and Publications, Executive Director of the MAA, and the Past-President or the President-Elect.
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Edray Herber Goins PhDChair7/01/20221/31/2024Chair; Rep for Southern California/Nevada
Prof. Alejandra AlvaradoMember8/02/20226/30/2025Representative-at-Larg for the Interests of Minoritized and Marginalized Communities in Mathematics
Prof. Alejandra AlvaradoMember9/29/20227/01/2023Representative-at-Large for the Interests of Minoritized and Marginalized Communities in Math
Philip S BlauMember7/01/20216/30/2024Ohio Section
Brian BlitzMember4/12/20226/30/2024Pacific Northwest Section
Dr. Mehmet CelikMember7/01/20226/30/2025Texas Section
Dr. Jing ChangMember9/14/20216/30/2023Nebraska/SE South Dakota Section
Tim P ChartierMember2/01/20221/31/2023Past-Chair of Congress
Dr. Karen E Clark PhDMember7/01/20216/30/2024New Jersey Section
Timothy D ComarMember7/01/20226/30/2025Illinois Section
Jonas D'AndreaMember7/01/20226/30/2025Intermountain Section
Dr. Matthew E DeLongMember7/01/20226/30/2026Chair, Council on Meetings
Mr Thomas L DruckerMember7/01/20206/30/2023Wisconsin Section
Dr. Eric EagerMember7/01/20216/30/2024Representative-at-Large for Interests on Connections to Business, Industry and Government
Melissa C ErdmannMember9/14/20211/31/2023Vice Chair
Prof. Vincent J FerliniMember7/01/20216/30/2024Northeastern Section
Dr. Johanna FranklinMember7/01/20206/30/2023Metropolitian New York Section
Prof. Walden FreedmanMember7/01/20206/30/2023Golden Section
Dr. Theresa L FriedmanMember7/01/20206/30/2023Rocky Mountain Section
Dr. Steve GadboisMember7/01/20217/01/2024Representative-at-Largefor the Interests of High School Mathematics Teachers
Richard Alan GillmanMember2/01/20201/31/2024Chair, Council on the Profession
Dr. Russell E GoodmanMember7/01/20221/31/2023Iowa
Kira Hylton HammanMember2/01/20211/31/2025Chair, Council on Communities
Brian D HollenbeckMember7/01/20216/30/2024Kansas Section
Dr. Britney HopkinsMember7/01/20206/30/2023Oklahoma-Arkansas Section
Emily A HyndsMember2/01/20221/31/2024Recorder; Southeastern Section
Jeff JohannesMember7/01/20216/30/2024Seaway Section
Dr. Monika KissMember7/01/20221/31/2023Florida Section
Dr. Wei-Kai LaiMember7/01/20216/30/2024Representative-at-Largefor the Interests of FacultyatTwo-Year Colleges
Yvonne LaiMember7/01/20216/30/2024Representative-at-Large for Interests Pertaining to the Mathematical Education of Teacher
Dr. Emille Davie LawrenceMember2/01/20221/31/2023BoD; Officer-at-large Congress
Dr. Duk-Hyung (duk) LeeMember7/01/20206/30/2023Kentucky Section
Dr. Nancy LivingstonMember7/01/20216/30/2024Southwestern Section
Dr. Audrey MalagonMember2/01/20211/31/2025Chair of Council on Teaching and Learing
Lisa E MaranoMember2/01/20211/31/2024BoD; Chair, Committee on Sections
Dr. Maeve Lewis McCarthyMember7/01/20226/30/2026Chair, Council on Prizes and Awards
David McCuneMember7/01/20216/30/2024Missouri Representative
Dr. Linda McGuireMember7/01/20226/30/2025EPaDEL Section
Leigh A MyersMember7/01/20226/30/2025Louisiana Mississippi Section
Prof. Kristen NairnMember7/01/20206/30/2023North Central Section
Nancy Ann NeudauerMember2/01/20221/31/2026BoD: Associate Secretary
Dr. Victor PierceyMember7/01/20226/30/2025Michigan Section
Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20211/31/2023President, BOD
Dr. Maggie L RahmoellerMember7/01/20226/30/2025Maryland-DC-Virginia Section
Dr. Kimberly A RothMember7/01/20206/30/2023Allegheny Mountain Section
Dr. Amber C RussellMember3/12/20226/30/2023Indiana Section
Adriana SalernoMember2/01/20221/31/2024BoD; Vice President of Board of Directors
Jeanette Shakalli PhDMember7/01/20216/30/2024Representative-at-Largefor the Interests ofMembersResiding Outside the United States
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20221/31/2023BoD; President-Elect Board of Directors
Dr. Susan G StaplesMember2/01/20191/31/2023Chair, Council on Publications
Dr. Aris WingerMember8/02/20226/30/2025 Representative for the Interests of Minoritized and Marginalized Communities in Mathematics
Dr. Cynthia J WyelsSecretary2/01/20221/31/2026BoD; Secretary of Board of Directors
Dr. C Allen ButlerTreasurer2/01/20211/31/2025BoD; Treasurer, Board of Directors
Investment Committee
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. C Allen ButlerMember2/01/20211/31/2026Treasurer
Stephen ParisMember2/01/20201/31/20232nd Term
Committee Charge
1/03/2012The charge of the MAA Investment Committee is to recommend a broad investment policy for the Association, and changes thereto, to the Executive Committee and the Board for approval. At least quarterly, the Investment Committee shall review detailed reports from the Treasurer on all funds and fund transactions involving investment funds. Members of the Investment Committee serve 4-year terms.
Nominating Committee
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Michael John DorffChair2/01/20211/31/2023Past President
Tim P ChartierMember7/01/20226/30/2026
Dr. Suzanne I DoreeMember1/01/20201/31/2024
Jennifer R GalovichMember7/01/20226/30/2026
P. Gavin LaRoseMember1/01/20201/31/2024
Committee Charge
1/23/2019Nominating Committee is advisory and is chaired by the immediate past president with four additional members appointed by the Board from nominees selected by the Congress for a term of four years. Two members shall be appointed every two years. Members of the Nominating Committee may not serve consecutive terms. By November 1 in each year prior to a national election, Nominating Committee will provide the Board with the slate of at least two willing candidates for each of president-elect and vice-president for the upcoming election, and will also provide the Board with a brief biography about each candidate as well as a rationale statement about the slate as a whole (including comments related to inclusion and diversity). Nominating Committee will also nominate willing candidates for Chair of the Congress to be submitted to the Congress.