Guidelines for Submissions


Articles may be submitted in Microsoft Word or in TeX, with the latter preferred when there is extensive use of mathematical notation.  Articles should be broken up into titled sections, where each section fits comfortably on a single webpage.  Graphics should be submitted in jpg format, each one in a separate file.  The hardcopy should indicate where images should appear.  Java applets are encouraged, but make sure that all the specifications and parameters for the applet to work are included in your file.  Again, these should be submitted in a separate file.  On the hardcopy, the position of the applet should be indicated, and you should give a description of what the applet will do. 

Prospective authors should be mindful of the fact that they are creating materials for electronic publication and take advantage of the dynamic and visual dimensions of this media.  Articles should be written in a conversational style.  Text presentations should be concise and accommodate the scrolling features of a computer screen.  Where possible, illustrations, diagrams and dynamic demonstrations, allowing for viewer downloading and classroom presentation, should be included.  Appropriate referencing to existing links and resource websites can also be undertaken.  In some of these matters, authors may have to seek out the assistance of a more computer knowledgeable colleague.  Computer adapted revisions of existing articles are welcome.

Authored reviews should be submitted in Microsoft Word, employing Times New Roman, size 12 font.  Reviews should be about 250 words long and speak directly to the classroom or learning appropriateness of the subject.  Review format should follow that presently exhibited by posted reviews, that is, general descriptive information, number of pages, publisher, etc., followed by evaluative comments.  Unsolicited reviews of appropriate material are welcome; however, consultation should be undertaken with the Review Editor, Frank Swetz before such reviews are commenced.

All contributions and inquires should be forwarded to the editors in electronic file form.  Main articles should be submitted to Victor Katz at [email protected].  Reviews should be submitted to Frank Swetz at [email protected].  Historical problems, classroom suggestions, quotations, items for "on this day", and calendar items may be submitted to either of the editors.