A Mathematical History Tour: Reflections on a Study Abroad Program - Appendix 1: Program Fast Facts

R. Abraham Edwards (Michigan State University) and Marie Savoie (Michigan State University, B.S. 2020)

Program Name: Mathematics in Historical and Social Contexts

Faculty Leader: Dr. Edwards

Offered: Summer of odd years (First 8-week session)

Structure: 8 week session: Three weeks of online preparatory work, three to four weeks abroad, one week for students to submit final papers

Eligibility: Any student who has completed their freshman year, and has passed Calculus I is welcome to apply. To apply, students must submit an unofficial transcript and a one-page essay responding to the following prompts:

  • How does studying the history of mathematics support your academic and/or personal intellectual goals?
  • Describe a time in your life when you suddenly had to adapt to changing circumstances, and how you handled that situation.
  • Think of a community that you belong to (club, sports team, church group, family, etc.). What do you do to make other people in that group feel valued?

Credits: Students earn between 6 (minimum) and 8 (maximum) semester hour credits by enrolling in a combination of the following courses:

  • MTH 490: Directed Studies in Mathematics (4 credits)
  • LB 492: Senior Seminar (4 credits)
  • LB 323: Science in a Global Context (4 credits)
  • LB 494: Undergraduate Research (2 credits)

Lodging: Students are housed in shared hotel rooms in Florence and Paris, and in shared apartments in London. All housing is within the city center. Breakfast is provided each day, as well as some dinners.

Transportation: The program fee includes all transportation within Europe (train and bus tickets, metro passes, etc.) Students are responsible for arranging their own flights to/from the U.S., but are encouraged to book through the University’s travel agency. There is a “recommended” flight that Dr. Edwards will take, but you are not required to take that flight.

Communication: While abroad, we will use the “GroupMe” app to stay in contact with each other. A strict “buddy system” will be in force throughout the trip.

Program Fee: Approximately $3600. Education abroad scholarships are available to help reduce the program fee. Financial aid may also be used. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.