A Mathematical History Tour: Reflections on a Study Abroad Program - About the Authors

R. Abraham Edwards (Michigan State University) and Marie Savoie (Michigan State University, B.S. 2020)

Abe Edwards ([email protected]) is a mathematician and historian of mathematics at the Lyman Briggs College within Michigan State University. He works alongside a unique mix of mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, historians, philosophers, and sociologists to help bridge the sciences and humanities through interdisciplinary teaching and research. His own research explores the influences of culture, society, and history on mathematical developments. He enjoys teaching from primary historical documents, and leads a study abroad program in the history of mathematics.

Marie Savoie is a Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics major at Michigan State University. Now in her senior year, she plans to pursue a career in medicine as a physician. The history of mathematics study abroad program gave her a new perspective on the connection between mathematics and her love of music.