Mathematical Mysteries of Rapa Nui with Classroom Activities: Acknowledgements and About the Authors

Ximena Catepillán (Millersville University), Cynthia Huffman (Pittsburg State University) and Scott Thuong (Pittsburg State University)

We would like to express our special thanks to Robert Tidwell, an anthropologist who traveled with us to Rapa Nui and provided excellent sources and advice that facilitated the writing of this article.

We thank the referees and editors for the careful and insightful review of our article which led to significant improvements to our submission.

About the Authors

Ximena Catepillán recently retired from the Department of Mathematics at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She chaired the MAA EPaDel Section between 2017 and 2019. Ximena has indigenous roots in South America and is passionate about the mathematics of the pre-Columbian Americas.

Cynthia J. Huffman is a University Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Pittsburg State University. She has always been interested in history of mathematics but her interest was especially sparked by participation in several of the MAA Study Tours. Her research areas include computational commutative algebra and history of mathematics. Dr. Huffman is a handbell soloist and has a black belt in Chinese Kenpo karate.

Scott Thuong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Pittsburg State University. His research areas include topology, geometry, and the history of mathematics. Dr. Thuong enjoys spending time with his two basset hounds and engaging in a good game of table tennis.