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Timothy Kroupa

Timothy Kroupa

BS Actuarial Science
North Central College

Actuarial Analyst, Allstate Insurance Company

2006 Graduate of North Central College with a major in Actuarial Science. Tim completed an internship with Allstate the summer between his junior and senior years and was given a job offer at the completion of that internship.

I am currently an Actuarial Analyst at Allstate Insurance Company in Northbrook IL. I graduated from North Central College in Naperville IL in April 2006 with a B.S. degree in Finance and Actuarial Science. I use math directly in my job everyday ranging from simply algebra to complex calculus and statistics. These skills are helpful for me in understanding how different methodologies we use work. Actuaries take a series of exams in order to be credentialed. I have taken the first three actuarial exams with topics such as statistics, calculus and life contingencies. Outside of exams I work in Microsoft excel where I use math the most. Spreadsheets that I create require basic math skills to develop and interpret.