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Arnitra Duckett

Arnitra Duckett

BA Mathematics
Spelman College

Educational Markets Manager
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Throughout my educational career, I found mathematics to be a challenging and stimulating subject. The thrill of problem solving and linking those solutions to other mathematical phenomena peaked my interest. After completing high school, I enrolled at Spelman College and decided to study mathematics. Throughout those four years, I not only became proficient in the language of mathematics, but also received a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Upon receiving my Bachelor's of Science degree in May of 1995, I began my career with Texas Instruments, Inc. as an Educational Markets Manager (EMM). As an EMM, my job is to create awareness and demand for classroom technology. In doing so, I am able to address the needs and concerns of mathematics and science educators throughout the Mid-Atlantic United States. I provide educational product and support program information to these educators as well as inform Texas Instruments of the educator concerns which I may encounter. I also assist mathematics and science teachers with the incorporation of calculators into the mathematics and science curricula as a learning tool.

During my first year with Texas Instruments (TI), I have been able to interact with mathematics and science educators on many levels. Through teacher professional development sessions and regional conferences, sponsored by TI, I am able to aid educators with the use of a calculator as a classroom tool according to district, state, and national mathematics/science education guidelines. Because of my mathematical background, I am able to discuss and understand pedagogical issues with educators so that technology can be implemented in a useful manner.

Not only do I co-organize technology-based conferences, I also attend local, regional, and national mathematics and science conferences. My attendance, along with the attendance of my TI colleagues at conferences, such as Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), give several of the educators attending a "warm, fuzzy" feeling inside and brings meaning to the phrase "TI-CARES."

I have always been aware of the connection between mathematics, science, and many other subjects. However, the connection between mathematics and business became more apparent as I began working for a major corporation. My experience with Texas Instruments has allowed me to understand exactly how powerful mathematics is in today's society and brings the phrase "Mathematics is Everywhere" to life. Because of my involvement in both the mathematics and business communities, I plan to pursue a Master's in business administration in order to strengthen my bond between mathematics and business.