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by Keith Devlin

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John von Neumann: The Father of the Modern Computer
December 2003
Contexts of Paradox
November 2003
October 2003
September 2003
Monty Hall
July-August 2003
When is a proof?
June 2003
The Shame of it
May 2003
The Double Helix
April 2003
The Forgotten Revolution
March 2003
Squaring the Circle
February 2003
Dear President Bush
January 2003
Why are equations important?
December 2002
The inaccessibility of modern mathematics
November 2002
The 800th birthday of the book that brought numbers to the west
October 2002
The Crazy Math of Airline Ticket Pricing
September 2002
The Mathematical Legacy of Islam
July-August 2002
The Words We Use
June 2002
Randomness at the Airport
May 2002
Mathematics and Homeland Security
April 2002
The Shrimp and the Mathematician
March 2002
The Math of Online Music Trading
February 2002
A Beautiful Mind
December 2001
The Math of Stuff
November 2001
The Music of the Primes
October 2001
Untying the Gordian Knot
September 2001
Witten at 50
July-August 2001
How Many Real Numbers Are There?
May 2001
Car Talk Woes
May 2001
Knotty problems
April 2001
Claude Shannon
March 2001
As others see us
February 2001
Mathematics, Limited
January 2001
The Mathematics of Christmas
December 2000
The perplexing mathematics of presidential elections
November 2000
Do software engineers need mathematics?
October 2000
The Strange Case of Emily X
September 2000
How to sell soap
July/August 2000
Lottery Mania
June 2000
Will the real continuous function please stand up?
May 2000
The Law of Small Errors
April 2000
Stealing Copernicus
March 2000
The legacy of the Reverend Bayes
February 2000
Johnny might not be math-challenged
January 2000
About time
December 1999
When mathematics is plain sailing
November 1999
Those Amazing Flying Mathematicians
October 1999
What Can Mathematics Do For The Businessperson?
September 1999
Supermarket Math
July/August 1999
The Greatest Math Teacher Ever, Part 2
June 1999
The Greatest Math Teacher Ever
May 1999
What's Going On During Mathematics Awareness Month
April 1999
New Mathematical Constant Discovered
March 1999
Stardust Equations
February 1999
1998: A Good Year For Math?
December 1998
Math Becomes Way Cool
November 1998
Why Does Back-to-School Imply Back to Math?
October 1998
Kepler's Sphere Packing Problem Solved
September 1998
Mathematicians and Philosophers - Chalk and Cheese?
August 1998
Buttered Toast and Other Patterns
July 1998
The Bible Code That Wasn't
June 1998
Is that a fact?
May 1998
Mathematics: As Seen on TV
April 1998
Forget "Back To Basics." It's Time for "Forward to (the New) Basics."
March 1998
Before This Decade Is Out
February 1998
Math + Rigor = College
January 1998
Move Over Fermat, Now It's Time for Beal's Problem
December 1997
A Nobel Formula
November 1997
The K-12 View from Oregon
October 1997

Seeing Red
September 1997
Performance Evaluation
July 1997
Weighing the evidence
June 1997
Clash of the chess titans
May 1997
When mathematics has to be theater
April 1997
How to Get Into the Newspapers
March 1997
Eskimo Pi
February 1997
Why 2001 Won't be 2001
January 1997
Moment of truth
December 1996
Spreading the Word
November 1996
Wanted: A New Mix
October 1996
Dear New Student
September 1996
Of Men, Mathematics, and Myths
August 1996
Tversky's Legacy Revisited
July 1996
Laws of Thought
June 1996
The Five Percent Solution
May 1996
Are Mathematicians Turning Soft?
April 1996
Deep Blue
March, 1996
Base Considerations
February, 1996
Good Times
January, 1996