The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications, Volume 7 (2007)
Bouncing Balls and Geometric Series, Robert Styer and Morgan Besson


This work was partially supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education grant NSF-DUE 95-52464. For more information about MACMATC (Middle Atlantic Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications Throughout the Curriculum), see the MACMATC Home Page.

We are grateful to the referees for their very thorough and helpful comments on draft versions of this module.

We are thankful to Villanova student and multimedia worker Greg Cameron who is featured in the video, as well as several other Villanova multimedia staff (especially Jonathan Connolly) for their generous assistance with the video and Flash files.

We thank our Villanova University math-physics classes for their help intesting the ideas, and for their quotes.

We thank the eighth grade daughter of the first author, Melanie, for her science fair project (report, typical data, complete data) which analyzes actual results of bouncing various balls off various surfaces.