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G4G Martin Gardner's Celebration of Mind 2011


Please join the The Mathematical Association of America and ThinkFun for an evening of brief talks and hands-on fun with logic puzzles to help celebrate Martin Gardnerâ??s work and continue his pursuit of a playful approach to mathematics.

The event will be held in the MAA Carriage House on October 21, 2011, at 7 p.m.

This event is full.

Speakers for the 2011 G4G include:

  • Dana Richards (George Mason University): "Martin Gardnerâ??s 'Logic Machines and Diagrams'"
  • Ivars Peterson (MAA): "Examples of Puzzles Involving Logic"
  • Bill Ritchie (ThinkFun): "The Origins of the Logic Puzzle 'Chocolate Fix'"

Martin Gardner was fascinated by puzzles and wrote the book â??Logic Machines and Diagrams,â? which details methods of solving logic problems by diagrams and by special-purpose machines. The speakers will offer an introduction to Gardnerâ??s work on logic, describe some of the logic involved in various puzzles, and use ThinkFunâ??s new puzzle â??Chocolate Fixâ? as an example of a logic puzzle that lends itself to classroom mathematical explorations and leads to interesting questions in computer science. After these brief talks, attendees will get a chance to try a selection of puzzles.

"Martin Gardner's Celebration of Mind" is part of a global celebration of Martin Gardner that takes place on October 21 (Gardner's birthday). Learn more about The Global Gathering Celebration here.

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