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JMM 06 Student Poster Winners

The 2006 List of Prize Winners and Advisors
Joint Mathematical Meetings of the AMS/MAA
San Antonio, TX

Supported by:

American Mathematical Society
Association for Women in Mathematics
Council on Undergraduate Research
Educational Advancement Foundation
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Poster Number 2: An Upper Bound on Stick Numbers for All Alternating Knots
Author: Erik A. Insko, California State University, San Bernadino
Advisor: Rolland Trapp, REU Instructor

Poster Number 5: The Structure of Zero-Divisor Graphs
Authors: Helen A. Hauser, Natalia Cordova and Clyde Gholston, Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Advisor: Reza Akhtar, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Poster Number 8: Mixing of Quantum Walk on Circulant Bunkbeds
Author: Siddharth Rajaram, Department of Mathematics, Middlebury College
Advisor: Christino Tamon, Division of Mathematics and Computer Science, Clarkson University

Poster Number 11: Modeling Scavenger Populations With Cubic Systems of Differential Equations
Author: Ben C. Nolting, University of Alaska, Anchorage
Advisor: Joseph Previte, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Poster Number 13: Predicting CDR Flexibility in Immunoglobulin
Author: Sean M. Law, York University, Toronto, Canada and Michigan State University
Advisor: Walter J Whiteley, York University, Toronto, Canada

Poster Number 21: An Investigation into Statistical Tests for Stochastic Dominance with Applications to Economic Decision Theory
Author: David J. Kahle, University of Richmond
Advisor: Javier Rojo, Rice University

Poster Number 29: Rupture in Thin Fluid Films
Author: Robin M. Baur, Harvey Mudd College
Advisor: Andrew J. Bernoff, Harvey Mudd College

Poster Number 31: Comparing Voting Methods Using Representation Theory
Author: Gregory T. Minton, Harvey Mudd College
Advisor: Michael Orrison, Harvey Mudd College

Poster Number 42: The Linear Cutwidth of Complete n-Partite Graphs
Author: Chelsea Rae Weitzel, California State University San Bernardino
Advisor: Joe Chavez, California State University San Bernardino

Poster Number 52: LDPC Codes Generated by Conics in the Classical Projective Plane
Author: Sean V. Droms, University of Mary Washington
Advisor: Keith E. Mellinger, University of Mary Washington

Poster Number 55: On the Generalization of the Frobenius Problem
Authors: Enrique Trevino, University of Texas at El Paso and Jeffrey Amos, Kansas State University
Advisor: Vadim Ponomarenko, Trinity University

Poster Number 60: Localization of Sensors in Networks: Global Rigidity of G2 in R2 and G3 in R3
Author: Matthew Cheung, York University
Advisor: Walter Whiteley, York University

Poster Number 63: Robustness and Transients Applied to Harvesting Peregrine Falcon Populations
Author: Ellen Peterson, Wittenberg University
Advisor: Richard Rebarber, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Poster Number 66: Eulerian Graph Representations for siRNA Sequence Structure
Author: Karen Lostritto, Brown University
Advisor: Stanley Dunn, Rutgers University

Poster Number 72: Locating Circular Inclusions Within a Bounded Region
Author: Hilary M. Spring, Mount Holyoke College
Advisor: Kurt Bryan, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Poster Number 74: Heart Rate Regulation During the Postural Change from Sitting to Standing
Authors: Robert W. Benim, University of Portland, Sarah Lynn Joyner, Meredith College and Eamonn Tweedy, North Carolina State University
Advisors: Mette Olufsen, Hien Tran and Laura Ellwein North Carolina State University

Poster Number 75: Analysis of Microarray Data using Monte Carlo Neural Networks
Author: Patricia A. Carey, East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Jeff Knisley, East Tennessee State University

Poster Number 76: Uniformly (t,r)-regular Graphs
Author: Haijian Kevin Lin, UC Berkeley
Advisor: Peter D Johnson, Auburn University

Poster Number 78: The Effect of Immune Response and Combination Drug Treatment on the Progression of Multi-Strain HIV
Author: Kelly Rose Smith, Clarion University of PA
Advisor: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State University, Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute

Poster Number 83: An Interspecies Competition Model with Multiscale Interpretations
Author: Jose Luis Almora, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Advisor: Carlos Castillo Chavez, Arizona State University

Poster Number 84: Modeling of the Growth of the Loosening Zone Around a Borehole Using Integro-Differential Equations
Author: La'Nita D. Ward, Spelman College
Advisor: Alla Balueva, Spelman College

Poster Number 85: A Continuous Model of Gene Expression
Authors: Lissette LaPlace, University of the Virgin Islands, Elizabeth Miller, Ferris State University, Jason Pham, California Polytechnic State University and Joseph Hunt, Lamar University
Advisor: Erika Camacho, Loyola Marymount University

Poster Number 87: 3-Rank in Quadratic Fields
Author: Carl Erickson, Stanford University
Advisor: Allison Pacelli, Williams College

Poster Number 88: An Exploration of the Lights Out Solitaire Game on Paths, Cycles, and Caterpillar Graphs
Author: Alexander W. Giffen, University of Dayton
Advisors: Darren Parker, University of Dayton

Poster Number 90: Tiling with 4 X 6 and 5 X 7 Rectangles
Author: Rachell Ashley, Frances Cabrera, Rochester Institute of Technology
Advisor: Darren A Narayan, Rochester Institute of Technology

Poster Number 93: Markovian Change Point Analysis Applied to DNA
Author: Aaron J. Arvey, Claremont McKenna College
Advisor: Alpan Raval, Keck Graduate Institute

Poster Number 96: Alcohol's Effect on Neuron Firing
Author: Edna Susan Joseph, University of the Virgin Islands
Advisors: Stephen Wirkus and Erika Camacho, Applied Mathematical Sciences Summer Institute

Poster Number 97: Polytopes, Toric Varieties, and Ideals: A look at Pyramids and Prisms
Author: Lisa D. Byrne, St Mary's College of Maryland
Advisor: Jessica Sidman, Mount Holyoke College

Poster Number 110: On the Frequency and Generation of Sturmian and One-Dimensional Cut and Project Sequences
Author: Kensey L. Riley, Truman State University
Advisor: David Garth, Truman State University

Poster Number 112: Lie Sphere Transformations
Author: Ellen K. Gasparovic, College of the Holy Cross
Advisor: Thomas Cecil, College of the Holy Cross

Poster Number 115: Nimber Sequences with no Preperiod for Three-Element
Subtraction Sets
Author: Brittany C. Shelton, Montclair State University
Advisor: Michael Jones, Montclair State University

Poster Number 121: A Newton Polyhedron Method for Explicit Calculation of the Igusa Local Zeta Function Associated with a Degenerate Polynomial
Author: Adrienne B. Rau, Barnard College, Columbia University
Advisor: Margaret Robinson, Mt Holyoke College

Poster Number 123: FEMLAB Electromagnetic-thermal Model of Microwave Thermal Processing
Authors: Christopher Mirabito, Carnegie Mellon University and Anu Narayanan, The University of Texas ’ Austin
Advisors: Suzanne Weekes and Vadim Yakovlev, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Poster Number 125: Intrinsic Spectral Geometry of the Kerr-Newman Event Horizon
Author: Ricardo Javier Cordero, Universidad Metropolitana de Puerto Rico
Advisor: Martin Engman, Universidad Metropolitana de Puerto Rico

Poster Number 126: In Search of an 8: Rank Computations on a Family of Quartic Curves
Author: Kathleen Ansaldi, Loyola College of Maryland
Advisor: Edray Goins, Purdue University

Poster Number 127: Binary Quadratic Forms and Classes of Convex Polygons in the Lattice Plane
Author: Kevin J Hughes, The University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas, The University of Texas at Austin

Poster Number 131: Mathematical Model of Plastron Respiration in American Dog Tick
Author: Bach Quang Ha, Mathematical Biology Initiative, Truman State University
Advisor: Phillip Ryan, Truman State University