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Invitational Competitions

NEW! USA(J)MO Awards Announcement

Starting with the 2022 competitions, our awards for the USAMO and USAJMO will change. For the USAMO, the AMC will award Gold prizes to at least approximately 6%, Silver to at least approximately 12%, and Bronze to at least approximately 18% of competitors. For the USAJMO, we will continue to name winners but will increase recognition to at least 20% of contestants. For both USAMO and USAJMO, each additional contestant with 14 points or more will receive an Honorable Mention distinction.  Each year, the Student Selection Committee will decide the exact percentages and number of awards.

Information Overview

Students who perform exceptionally well on the AMC 10/12 are invited to continue participating in the AMC series of examinations that culminate with the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The first in this series is the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME), followed by the USA Mathematical Olympiad and Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO and USAJMO). The top USA(J)MO participants are invited to the Mathematical Olympiad Program in the summer after the competition. Participants from the Mathematical Olympiad Program are then eligible to be selected for the following summer’s six-member team that will represent the United States of America at the IMO.

To learn more about each competition within the MAA AMC Program, follow the links below:

American Invitational Mathematics Exam

The American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) is a challenging competition offered for those who excelled on the AMC 10 and/or AMC 12. The AIME is a 15 question, 3-hour examination, each answer is an integer number between 0 to 999. The questions on the AIME are much more difficult than those on the AMC 10 and AMC 12. Top scoring participants on the AIME are invited to take the USAMO or USAJMO.

AIME Competition Dates:

  • AIME I (main AIME competition date): Tuesday, February 7, 2023 between 1:30 pm ET and 5:30 pm ET.
  • AIME II (alternate AIME competition date): Wednesday, February 15, 2023 between 1:30 pm ET and 5:30 pm ET.

AIME Administration Resources: (coming Fall 2022)

  • AIME Important Deadlines and Information: A quick reference sheet for print administration with critical deadlines.
  • AIME II Registration Form
  • 2023 Invitational Competitions Teacher's Manual 
  • AIME Certification Form: Used by print Competition Managers to certify the exam was taken following all rules in the Teacher’s Manual.
  • AIME Academic Integrity Form: Used by print Students and Competition Managers to certify the exam was taken following all rules in the Teacher’s Manual.
  • AIME Change of Venue Form: For competition managers, if they cannot offer AIME I or AIME II or a student absolutely cannot take the AIME at the same competition location. 
    • If a student has submitted a change of venue form, their AIME scores will be sent to their qualifying AMC 10/12 competition manager, not their AIME change of venue competition manager. Likewise, if a student qualifies for USA(J)MO, that qualification will be sent to their AMC 10/12 competition manager. 
    • Competition managers switching from AMC 10/12 print administration to AIME online administration will not have access to a competition manager portal. After students submit the AIME online, their student portal will display a green message indicating they have completed and successfully submitted the AIME. 

USA Mathematical Olympiad and Junior Mathematical Olympiad

The United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) and the United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO) are six-question, two-day, 9-hour essay/proof examinations. The top-scoring AMC 12 participants (based on a combination of AMC 12 and AIME scores) are invited to take the USAMO. The top-scoring AMC 10 participants (based on a combination of AMC 10 and AIME score) are invited to take the USAJMO. U.S. citizens and students studying in the United States and Canada (with qualifying scores) are eligible to take the USAMO and USAJMO.

The MAA AMC champions inclusivity within our program and competitions. As we work towards creating a mathematical community to empower students of all genders, we invite the top-scoring AMC female students to our USA(J)MO each year. These students are placed on an ambitious path to potentially qualify for MOP, EGMO, and ultimately IMO.


  • USA(J)MO Day 1: March 21, 2023
  • USA(J)MO Day 2: March 22, 2023

You must start before 2 pm ET to receive the full 4.5 hours of work time on the competition. The last hour of the competition window is reserved for uploading solutions. 

USAMO and USAJMO Administration Resources: (coming Fall 2022)

  • 2023 Invitational Competition Teachers Manual 
  • USAMO/USAJMO Instruction Sheet - Note: The USA(J)MO will be held completely in the online administration format. 



  1. Q. How do I qualify for the AIME?

    A. Qualification parameters for AIME vary with the results of the AMC 10/12 competitions. For AMC 10, invitations are issued to at least the top 2.5% of all scorers. For AMC 12, invitations are issued to at least the top 5% of all scorers. The exact cutoffs will depend on the difficulty of each competition.

  2. Q. How do I qualify for the USA(J)MO?

    A. Qualification parameters for USA(J)MO vary with the results of the AMC 10/12 competitions and AIME competitions. Selection to the USAMO will be based on the USAMO index which is defined as AMC 12 Score plus 10 * AIME Score. Selection to the USAJMO will be based on the USAJMO index, which is defined as AMC 10 Score plus 10 * AIME Score. The committees calibrate the difficulty level for the 6 competitions each year and may determine different cutoffs based on the exam version if there is a significant difference in results and score distribution.

  3. Q. Who can proctor the AIME or USA(J)MO?

    A. Students will be proctored by teacher (preferably a mathematics teacher) or administrator at the school; a college or university teacher of mathematics, or a responsible adult such as a math club coach or librarian, either in-person or remotely, at the discretion of the teacher. Remote proctoring requires the teacher to monitor the student through a video conferencing software. The proctor should not be related to any of the participants.

  4. Q. When can I see my AIME results? When can I see my USA(J)MO results?

    A. AIME Results reports are given to schools after we have received all AIME I and AIME II answer forms, scored all answer forms, and determined USA(J)MO selection indices. Therefore, you can expect that the AIME results will not be available until about 3 to 4 weeks after the AIME date.

    Grading of the USAMO takes place approximately 10 days after the test, with results posted on the website soon thereafter. About 2-3 weeks after the USAMO and USAJMO we will email a copy of the USAMO, USAMO Solutions, the USAJMO, and the USAJMO solutions to your Exam Manager along with your total score. We do not report individual problem scores, only the total score. Note that the AMC does not return your USA(J)MO papers to you.

  5. Q. If you take both A-date and B-date AMC tests, but one score is higher than the other, do you get to choose which score to use with your AIME score for USA(J)MO qualification?

    A. We use the higher numerical score. We match both AMC scores with the AIME score, assuming we are able to locate both AMC scores. This means that the student spelled his/her name the same way on all exams and took both AMC exams at the same school. If one or both of these important criteria are not met, we need timely notification in order to match results. The AIME certification form, filled out by the AIME competition administrator, has a section for students who qualified at multiple testing sites. Please give this important information to the AIME Competition administrator so that we can use this important information.

  6. If I need to take the AIME at a location other than where I took the AMC 10/12, what should I do?

    A. Students are to take the AIME at the same testing location where they took the AMC 10/12 whenever possible. This is to ensure that a student’s AMC 10/12 score can be accurately matched up with their AIME score for USA(J)MO qualification. If a student cannot take the AIME at the same competition location, they are to make arrangements with a different competition manager who has the materials to proctor the exam and complete the “Change of Venue” form. Our customer service office cannot assist in finding new venues for the exam, instead, students should reach out to schools near them, using the Additional Competition Locations page as a resource. Once you have made arrangements with this location, send an email to [email protected] to inform our office that you will be taking the AIME at this new location, not at the qualifying location.

  7. Q. If I qualified with both the 12A at my own high school and the 10B at another high school but wish to put my 10B score on the AIME I'm taking at my own school, what do I need to do?

    A. If you are taking the AIME at the school you attend daily on the basis of the AMC 12A that you took at the school, then the important thing is that the certification form, filled out by your AIME administrator, includes your name and the other school name and CEEB where you took the AMC 10B. Make sure that the other school where you qualified knows that you will NOT be taking the AIME at that school. Please make sure that the other school competition manager knows, and that your own school competition manager knows what you intend to do. We only use the AMC 10/12 score as the first check on your identity. For all other purposes, we rely on our internal record-keeping.