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MAA Distinguished Lecture Series

The MAA sponsors a variety of public lectures, many of them held at the MAA Carriage House. Whether a Gathering 4 Gardner event or one of the Distinguished Lecture Series, the lectures feature some of the foremost experts within the field of mathematics, known for their ability to make current mathematical ideas accessible to non-specialists. The presentations provide a fabulous and fun learning opportunity for both professionals and students, as well as anyone interested in learning more about current trends in mathematics and the relationship between mathematics and broader scientific, engineering and technological endeavors.

Abstracts and speaker biographies will appear on this page as lectures are added to the events calendar.

Slidecasts and video clips of MAA public lectures are available here.

Upcoming Lectures


In this interactive workshop, participants will reflect on what people think it means to be a mathematician, who is seen or counted as a mathematician, what causes this, and how that affects our communities of learning, teaching, and research. If you would like to explore these issues, whether you consider yourself a mathematician or not, join us! Please be prepared to discuss some potentially difficult topics. Space is limited - please RSVP.


About the Speakers


Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux 

Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Rosalie is a Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. Before that she was a Preceptor and the Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Mathematics Department at Harvard University. She received her undergraduate degree in applied mathematics from McGill University, and her Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She teaches mathematics courses and participates in advising, mentoring and otherwise supporting mathematics students. She is also committed to issues of diversity and inclusion in mathematics departments, and has been invited to give talks and workshops at universities and national meetings around the issue.

Sara Revzi

Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Sara is an experienced Mathematics Educator and Instructional Coach with a demonstrated history of working in K-12 and undergraduate math/teacher education. She is currently a Site Director with Saga Education, an organization which works to provide equitable mathematics to high school students. She is also the program lead for Math Circles of Chicago, the largest free math circles created to serve students of color in Chicago through after-school enrichment. She received her undergraduate degree in pure mathematics at the University of Chicago along with a master’s in education from the same institution. She is currently working towards her PhD focused in math curriculum and instruction/gender women's studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


What is the discipline of data science? What are its goals? What is the current demand for people with training in this area? Christopher Morrell will share tools commonly used to analyze data, including statistical methods and machine learning techniques, and clarify the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning. Components of educational backgrounds that support careers in data science will also be discussed. Only knowledge of basic descriptive statistics is recommended.  This event is currently sold out.

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About the Speaker


Christopher H. Morrell

Chris is the Director of Data Science Programs in the Mathematics & Statistics Department at Loyola University Maryland.