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Mathematical Card Tricks

Arthur Benjamin
6:30 p.m. - April 7, 2018

MAA Carriage House

1781 Church St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

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Dr. Arthur Benjamin will amaze you with card tricks based on clever mathematical principles, and share the secrets with you.

Arthur Benjamin grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and earned his B.S. at Carnegie Mellon University in 1983 and his PhD in Mathematical Sciences at Johns Hopkins University in 1989. Since then, he has been a Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont, California, where he has served as department chair, and co-Editor of Math Horizons magazine, published by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). In 2000, the MAA awarded him the Haimo Prize for Distinguished University Teaching. In 1997, he applied his mathematical talents to the game of backgammon and won the American Backgammon Tour.

Arthur Benjamin is also a professional magician, and frequently performs at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is the author of several books, and four DVD courses from The Great Courses series, including "The Joy of Mathematics", "The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles", and "The Secrets of Mental Math". He has demonstrated and explained his calculating talents to audiences all over the world and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including The Today Show, CNN, National Public Radio, and The Colbert Report. His three TED talks have been viewed over 12 million times. He has been featured in Scientific American, Omni, Discover, People, Esquire, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Reader's Digest. In 2005, Reader's Digest called him "America's Best Math Whiz." In 2017, he was given the Communications Award for Public Outreach by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics.