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MAA MathFest 2023 Registration Now Open!


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MAA MathFest 2023 is excited to come to the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL this summer! Registration is now open, along with Exhibitor/Sponsor signup, hotel reservation links, web program listings, and frequently asked questions! All information about MAA MathFest can be found in the above links.

Every summer, MAA MathFest presents the latest in mathematical research and education to diverse audiences across the nation. As the largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts, MAA is proud to bring an interactive, accessible, and informative experience to you this year.


Site Selection for MAA MathFest 2023

General Guidelines for Site Selection

Selection of sites for MAA national meetings requires that we balance a mix of complex issues. Site selection begins several years in advance of a national meeting.

We require facilities and transportation infrastructure that meet the logistical and financial requirements of the organization and our members. MAA MathFest requires a relatively large number of rooms for our number of participants due to our robust program of parallel sessions. We are too big for some sites and too small for others. Some sites are too costly in terms of space rental, lodging, and travel; others are unavailable during the time frame we need.

Regardless of where an MAA meeting is held, we expect meeting participants to observe the MAA Code of Conduct. For national meetings, we require the properties and vendors we contract with to agree to abide by MAA's Code of Conduct and, in particular, to commit to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment (as described in the Code of Conduct).

MAA members reside in every state and territory, and we are mindful of our obligation to serve our entire community. This includes providing support for Section meetings and selecting locales for MAA MathFest in a variety of geographic regions.

Our members are the heart of MAA. We intend to provide a meaningful, enriching, and celebratory meeting every summer at MAA MathFest. We look forward to seeing you at the next MAA MathFest.

Site Selection Process

Site selection begins several years before a given MathFest. MAA Meetings & Events department staff gather preliminary information from potential sites suggested by the Meetings Management Committee (MMC) and the staff’s own expertise. MAA staff and the Associate Secretary then conduct site visits. During these visits, they assess the venue, nearby hotels, availability of restaurants, etc. They have conversations with venue management and the local convention and visitor’s bureau regarding requirements pertaining to accessibility adhering to the MAA Code of Conduct, Welcoming Environment, and Code of Ethics Statements.

Findings from these visits are shared with the MMC to make the final selection recommendation. This is then shared with the MAA Board of Directors. Initial negotiations are completed, and contracts between providers and MAA are signed four to six years in advance of the event.

MAA MathFest 2023 in Tampa, FL

The most recent MAA MathFest held in or near the Southeastern region was in Lexington, KY, in 2011. Tampa offers a great mix of meeting and hotel space, located in an inviting area of the city, and access to a major airport. We anticipate that the city will provide a welcoming environment in which to hold MAA MathFest while offering a variety of dining and cultural opportunities that will appeal to a broad cross-section of our membership.

We note that laws and bans that attempt to impose particular perspectives or limit the free expressions of ideas are counter to MAA's values. As noted in the MAA Code of Conduct, the MAA is dedicated to the practice of equal opportunity, treatment, participation, and outcomes for all regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, age, marital status, disabilities, veteran status, field of expertise, or any other reason not related to scientific merit. We recognize that recent legislation passed in Florida and ever-expanding legislation from California present hurdles - some insurmountable - to some of our members. However, unlike past eras where enforced segregation prohibited members of our community from participating in some of our meetings, these laws do not prevent members of our community from attending MAA MathFest, nor do they limit our members' ability to freely express their views while in attendance nor to engage in peaceful protest. We also note that these laws were passed or expanded in 2021 and 2022, well after the MAA committed to the 2023 MathFest contract.

We are aware of precedents regarding moving national conventions, even within mathematics – and the MAA did give serious consideration to moving MathFest 2023 out of Florida, beginning in late 2021. The contract for Tampa had been signed in 2018. We combed through the contract to determine what the MAA’s options were. The financial penalty for breaking the contract was not tenable – its scale exceeded the MAA’s meeting and event expenses in 2021 and the amount budgeted in 2022. Given the Board of Directors’ fiduciary responsibilities to the association, the conversation about moving the meeting was deemed moot.

The MAA is deeply committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. We are currently having conversations with Tampa area organizations that advocate for racial equity, access to reproductive healthcare, and the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. We intend to use our presence in Tampa to demonstrate our support of our core values, and our opposition to legal barriers to the pluralism our modern society should embrace. We are offering such area organizations opportunities to educate and fundraise during MathFest. We invite MAA members as well to contribute sessions aligned with the MAA values.