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Invited Paper Session Proposals

Submit a Proposal

Submission deadline is October 31 in the year preceding MAA MathFest. Proposals are now being accepted, and should be emailed to [email protected]


MAA Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) are designed to provide "substantial mathematical content in the MAA program at each national meeting." With this goal in mind, the MAA' s Committee on Invited Paper Sessions solicits sessions devoted to exposition in the mathematical sciences. Sessions covering recent research are especially encouraged. Speakers in IPS sessions should be experts in their field committed to giving presentations accessible to a broad, non-expert audience.

IPS organizers are responsible for determining the overarching theme of their session, inviting speakers, communicating with speakers, scheduling, and chairing the session program at the national meeting. IPS session presentations are typically 20 minutes in length with 10 minutes for questions. A session should contain at least four (4) talks on the subject so that the minimum timeframe for an IPS is two (2) hours. IPS sessions typically include no more than six (6) talks.

The MAA Committee on Invited Paper Sessions recruits organizers for sessions and often suggests topics linked to invited talks at national meeting or other topics of broad interest. The committee also accepts proposals from MAA members to organize an IPS, as described below.

To propose an IPS, email the information described below to the chair of the MAA Invited Paper Session Committee at [email protected]. You can also send your questions to the committee chair at the same email address if you would like to discuss a potential proposal with the chair before proceeding to a formal submission.

An IPS proposal should include a proposed title and a 1-2 paragraph description of the topic that will serve as the theme of the session and identify current research to be presented in this session. A list of potential speakers and their affiliations should also be included in the proposal. A named organizer (or pair of organizers) is required.

Once received, the proposal will be reviewed by the Invited Paper Session Committee and a decision to accept or deny the proposal will be made in a timely fashion.