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Departmental Membership Benefits

MAA Departmental Members include those college and university mathematics departments that have taken an active interest in the advancement of the mathematical sciences. In addition to receiving print subscriptions to all MAA journals, departments may enroll up to 450 students for MAA membership at no additional cost. Students receive considerable benefits and access to a wealth of information about careers in mathematics, mathematical education, and research; significant discounts on meetings, books, and merchandise; and membership in your local MAA section.

New VITAL Membership Benefit for Departmental Members:  MAA is excited to announce a new membership category for Visitors, Instructors, Temporary faculty, Adjuncts, and Lecturers employed at MAA Departmental Member institutions who are not included in the usual tenure or promotion process. VITAL position names vary by institution, and these members may include part-time instructors, non-tenure track instructors, and employees in other ancillary instructional positions. Each of your eligible faculty can take advantage of this deeply discounted exclusive membership for just $79 per year. VITAL Members also receive a deep discount on registration for MAA MathFest, our annual summer gathering.

All Departmental Members Receive:

Print subscription to The American Mathematical Monthly (published 10 times per year):

  • Since 1894, The Monthly has featured expository articles, notes, and other features about mathematics and the profession authored by leading mathematicians from around the world.

  • Articles inform, stimulate, challenge, enlighten, and entertain members with insightful exposition of old or new results, historical or biographical essays, speculations or definitive treatments, broad developments, or explorations of specific applications.

  • This world-class journal provides the opportunity to showcase your own work, share your passions, or learn from your colleagues.

Print subscription toThe College Mathematics Journal (published 5 times per year):

  • The College Mathematics Journal is designed to enhance classroom learning and stimulate thinking regarding undergraduate mathematics. Included are short Classroom Capsules, problems, solutions, media reviews, and other pieces.

  • The CMJ provides another outlet for those wishing to share their essays and papers that are aimed at the college mathematics curriculum with emphasis on topics taught in the first two years.

  • Includes a searchable database with basic information on all articles and classroom capsules published in The College Mathematics Journal since 1970, a searchable index, and a problem and solution index.

Print subscription to Mathematics Magazine (published 5 times per year):

  • Mathematics Magazine offers lively, readable, and appealing exposition on a wide range of mathematical topics. Articles include examples, applications, historical background, and attractive illustrations. The material is accessible to undergraduates, and helps supplement undergraduate courses and stimulate student investigations.

  • Includes a searchable database with full coverage of articles and notes from Mathematics Magazine since 1974.

Print subscription to Math Horizons (published 4 times per year):

  • Each issue of Math Horizons contains articles, problems, contests, REU profiles, career ideas, and book reviews that will appeal to all levels of mathematics enthusiasts.

Print subscription to MAA FOCUS (MAA’s newsmagazine, published 6 times per year):

  • MAA FOCUS contains information about MAA activities, news about members, mathematics, and the mathematical community, and lively articles about interesting new (or sometimes not so new) ideas in mathematics, mathematics education, and related areas.


Departmental Members receive one free Student Member nominee for every five paid nominees. Student nominees receive the following benefits:

Electronic version of The American Mathematical Monthly (published 10 times per year):

Electronic version of The College Mathematics Journal (published 5 times per year):

Electronic version of Mathematics Magazine (published 5 times per year):

Electronic version of Math Horizons (published 4 times per year):

Electronic version of MAA FOCUS (MAA’s newsmagazine, published 6 times per year):

Discounted access to the JSTOR archives of thousands of scholarly journal articles.

Deep Member Discounts on print subscriptions to MAA Journals:

  • The American Mathematical Monthly ($50 annual subscription-10 issues per year)
  • The College Mathematics Journal ($25 annual subscription-5 issues per year)
  • Mathematics Magazine ($25 annual subscription-5 issues per year)
  • Math Horizons ($20 annual subscription-4 issues per year)

Access to MAA Columns and Online Resources, including:

  • Devlin’s Angle
  • Launchings by David Bressoud
  • Loci: Convergence
  • Course Communities
  • MAA Reviews
  • Classroom Capsules and Notes
  • Who's That Mathematician? Images from the Paul R. Halmos Photograph Collection
  • MAA Found Math Gallery

MAA Math Alert, the MAA’s monthly e-newsletter. MAA Math Alert keeps you up to date on happenings throughout our community. Book releases, announcements about member achievements, scheduled lectures, webinars, videos, meetings, events, awards, special promotions, research opportunities, grants, and many other timely topics are presented each month in an easy-to-access electronic format with links to all the information you’ll need. 

Discounts on MAA books, videos, and merchandise from the MAA Store.

Discounted registration for MAA’s annual meetings—MAA MathFest and Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Access to MAA’s Affinity Program benefits including membership in the NASA Federal Credit Union and discounts from several business partners:

  • Cruises Only
  • Wyndham Hotels
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Go Ahead Tours
  • Endless Vacation Rentals
  • Orlando Vacation
  • LifeLock
  • Long-Term Care Resources
  • Life Line Screening
  • MetLife Auto & Home Insurance
  • Office Depot

Eligibility to join any of MAA’s twelve Special Interest Groups (SIGMAAs):

  • ARTS - Mathematics and the Arts
  • BIG - Mathematicians in Business, Industry and Government
  • BIO - Mathematical and Computational Biology
  • EM - Environmental Mathematics
  • HOM - History of Mathematics
  • MCST - Math Circles for Students and Teachers
  • POM - Philosophy of Mathematics
  • QL - Quantitative Literacy
  • RUME - Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education
  • STAT-ED - Statistics Education
  • TAHSM - Teaching Advanced High School Mathematics
  • WEB - Mathematics Instruction Using the Web