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K-12 Teacher Member Benefits

Register your school for either the AMC 8 or AMC 10/12 competitions and you’ll receive all of the following benefits of MAA membership:

Free electronic subscription to Math Horizons magazine (published 4 times per year):

  • Each issue of Math Horizons contains articles, problems, contests, REU profiles, career ideas, and book reviews that will appeal to all levels of mathematics enthusiasts.

Access to Curriculum Inspirations: Innovative and fresh resources for middle- and high-school mathematics educators on teaching the art of problem solving (Mathematical Practice 1) without disruption to normal classroom practice! Curriculum Inspirations uses the rich resources of America's longest running and most successful mathematics competition, connects the content to the curriculum, and demonstrates for one and all the joy of deep mathematical thinking and lively exploration. These resources include:

  • Ten Strategy Essays—The Curriculum Inspirations project has identified ten basic strategies for success with the mathematics Common Core curriculum and for success with the American Mathematics Competitions. Ten essays explain these strategies, use specific AMC queries to demonstrate them, connect this work with the Common Core State Standards, and show how to implement this work in the classroom in a natural and lively way.
  • Curriculum Bursts—short essays, with a companion Curriculum Inspirations Video, provide a plethora of quick, but rich, examples for classroom use, all linked via specific Common Core State Standards.

Math Messenger, AMC’s monthly e-newsletter.

Member discounts on MAA books, videos, and merchandise from the MAA Store.

Discounted registration for MAA’s annual meetings — MAA MathFest and Joint Mathematics Meetings.

MAA Math Alert, the MAA’s monthly e-newsletter.

Online subscription to MAA FOCUS (MAA’s newsmagazine, published 6 times per year):

  • MAA FOCUS contains information about MAA activities, news about members, mathematics, and the mathematical community, and lively articles about interesting new (or sometimes not so new) ideas in mathematics, mathematics education, and related areas.

Access to MAA’s Affinity Program benefits including membership in the NASA Federal Credit Union and discounts from several business partners such as Avis, Wyndham Hotels, Budget, Orlando Vacations, Metlife Auto & Home Insurance, Endless Vacation Rentals and many more.

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