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AMS Notices Combinatorics

June 7, 2010 

The June/July 2010 issue of the Notices of the AMS highlights the subject of combinatorics.  

Over the last 30 years, combinatorics and finite mathematics have become central to the creation of collaboration graphs, Google search algorithms, random graphs, and internet routing. They also play a vital part in queueing theory and the solutions of coloring problems.  

To showcase these and other related topics and to stress the inspirational role of combinatorics, the June/July issue contains these key features: "The Giant Component: The Golden Anniversary," by Joel Spencer; "The Mathematical Side of M. C. Escher," by Doris Schattschneider; "Graph Theory in the Information Age," by Fan Chung, and "Hadwiger's Conjecture," by Maria Chudnovsky.

Source: Notices of the AMS (June/July 2010)

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Monday, June 7, 2010