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Math Midway to Debut in New York City

June 12, 2009

Mathematical content for all ages will be on display on Sunday, June 14, in New York City’s Washington Square Park as “The Math Midway” makes it first appearance at the World Science Festival.

The midway’s unique exhibits will include items such as square-wheeled tricycles and a plane of laser light that passes through plastic polyhedra to create surprising cross sections.  In addition, those in attendance will be able to make unique pen and ink drawings to take home using the mechanical harmonograph, or solve the giant burr puzzles.

The midway will also have an "organ function grinder" on hand for those who would like to input a number, set a function, and turn the hand crank to generate both a numerical output and a unique calliope tune that is transformed according to the selected function.  Festival participants will be able to get their hands on a Fibonacci Frisbee, or a set of six souvenir math coins.

Organizers of the midway are also working towards establishing America's only interactive, hands-on, permanent museum of mathematics. They are looking for additional support, including ideas for future exhibits, volunteers for the advisory council, financial support, and permanent location possibilities. For additional information on the Math Factory, see

“We are looking for a community of math-loving folks to join with us in furthering this exciting project,” says mathematical sculptor and polyhedra expert George Hart, a member of the organizing group. Hart recently orchestrated a sculpture event in New York’s Central Park.


Start Date: 
Friday, June 12, 2009