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Mathematics of String Theory Can Be Tested

September 2, 1010

Researchers claim that it's possible to test a bit of the mathematics of string theory via the behavior of M-theory.

String theory and its extension, M-theory, are mathematical descriptions of the universe, reconciling general relativity and quantum mechanics. The former describes the universe at the level of cosmology; the latter describes it at the level of particle physics.

Using string theory mathematics describing black holes, Michael Duff (Imperial College, London) and colleagues realized that it's possible to make predictions about the pattern of entangled quantum particles (qubits). Specifically, the pattern of entanglement among four qubits can be measured and tested.

"This will not be proof that string theory is the right 'theory of everything' that is being sought by cosmologists and particle physicists," said Duff. "However, it will be very important to theoreticians because it will demonstrate whether or not string theory works, even if its application is in an unexpected and unrelated area of physics."

"This may be telling us something very deep about the world we live in, or it may be no more than a quirky coincidence," Duff added. “Either way, it's useful."

The findings, titled “Four-Qubit Entanglement from String Theory,” appeared in Physical Review Letters ( September 2, 2010).

Source: Physorg (September 1, 2010)

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Thursday, September 2, 2010