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MIT to Host Math Competition for Girls

September 13, 2011  

On September 17, 2011, more than 250 middle and high school students will compete in the third annual “Math Prize for Girls” at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The competition is the world's largest monetary math prize for girls with the first place winner awarded $25,000, second place awarded $10,000, third place awarded $2,000, and the next top 10 participants divide $12,000 in prize money.

Organized by the Advantage Testing Foundation, the contest is open to female students from the U.S. and Canada who've attained a qualifying score on the American Mathematics Competition Exams.

“It's about competition, yes, but it's also very much about community,” said Mary O'Keefe, a co-organizer and mathematics coach. “We think it's important for girls who like math--and are good at it--to meet one another, and also to see how many doors math can open for them.”  

Michael Sipser, head of MIT's Department of Mathematics and co-organizer of the event, said, “We're trying to dispel the stereotype of the lonely mathematician and show that math is fun, especially for young women.”

Source: Math Prize for Girls Official Website

Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2011