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SIAM Names Its Inaugural Fellows Class

May 19, 2009

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), headquartered in Philadelphia, has inaugurated a Fellows Program. Fellowship will be conferred annually on members "distinguished for their outstanding contributions to the fields of applied mathematics and computational science," the Society announced.

This year, Fellows status will be conferred on 188 professionals, who will be recognized at the Society's annual meeting in Denver, in early July 2009.

"The announcement of the first class of SIAM Fellows is an important milestone for the applied mathematics and computational science community," SIAM President Douglas N. Arnold said.

These men and women "come from five continents, and work in academia, industry, and government laboratories," Arnold observed. "Advancing the frontiers of research in branches of mathematics as distinct as number theory and partial differential equations, these professionals have applied their work to endeavors ranging from mining to medicine. They have designed algorithms to make computing possible and written textbooks to train the next generation of mathematicians. Their contributions are truly outstanding."

The number of fellowships that the Society will confer annually is expected to be about 0.3% of its membership. Fellowship can be attained by meeting at least one of the following criteria.

Membership in national academies in countries where SIAM members constitute at least 1% of the total SIAM membership.

Recipient of select prizes from SIAM and the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Fellowship in specific corporate and laboratory programs at SIAM institutional member organizations.

Editor-in-Chief of a SIAM journal in the last ten years.

Former or current president of SIAM.

The Class of 2009 includes former MAA President Ronald L. Graham (University of California, San Diego), current American Mathematical Society President George E. Andrews (Pennsylvania State University), and current SIAM President Douglas N. Arnold (University of Minnesota).

Source: SIAM, May 1, 2009.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009