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Support Increasing for Tau Over Pi

July 13, 2011

After 10 years, mathematician Bob Palais' effort to supplant Pi with tau has gained momentum.

A research mathematician at the University of Utah, Palais wrote "π is Wrong!" (Mathematical Intelligencer, 2001 ) because he was on the lookout for "for better ways to understand other topics in pure math, its applications to visualization and molecular medicine and how to teach these topics in new and better ways."

The article sparked interest in tau (or 2π).

"Tau is more natural than Pi and brings simplicity and elegance," said Kevin Houston (University of Leeds).

Recently, Palais's effort was highlighted on the BBC, MSNBC, The Economic Times, and in newspapers in Spain and Russia.

“I think people like a controversy and like to line up on either side of things,” Palais said. “If people become aware of math, then that’s not a bad thing."

Source: KSL

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011