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MAA Math Alert - April 2010

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PREP 2010 Workshop Registration: Now is the time to register for the MAAs 2010 Professional Enhancement Programs. Click here for information about this year's workshops.

Register for MathFest 2010: MathFest 2010 will take place in Pittsburgh, PA, from August 5-7 with a great lineup of sessions planned.To learn more and to register for the meeting, be sure to visit MathFest 2010.

MIT Team Takes Top Spot in 2009 Putnam Competition: The70thWilliam Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, which is organized by the MAA,took placeon December 5, 2009. Visit 2009 Putnam Competition for information and results.

AMC Announces 2010 USAMO/USAJMO Qualifiers: About 500 students qualified to take the 2010 USA Mathematical Olympiad and USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad exams on April 27-28, 2010. VisitUSAMO tolearn more about the competitions and be sure to check out this year's list of Qualifiers.

2010 Career Mentoring Workshop for Women: The fourth annual Career Mentoring Workshop for Women will be held July 18-20at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. Visit Career Mentoring Workshop for more information.

Application Deadline for the MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences Program: Deadline for the MAA RUMC grant program is May 15, 2010.VisitRUMCfor more details and application instructions.

Featured Articles

Inspirational Math Instructor Jaime Escalante Dies at 79: Famed mathematics instructor Jaime Escalante, who was touted as the finest teacher in America in the 1980s, has died. Read the full story here.

Perelman Awarded $1 Million Prize for Proving Poincaré Conjecture: The Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) has awarded Grigoriy Perelman of St. Petersburg, Russia, its $1 million Millennium Prize for resolution of the Poincaré conjecture. Read more at here.

Probability Can Bite: Keith Devlin addresses some of the most difficult probability questions in his latest column. Access the full article at Devlin's Angle.

Mathematical Model Reveals Why Coral Dies Under Certain Conditions: Biologists at Cornell University are using a mathematical model to help them better understand coral bleaching and disease. Read the full article in Math in the News.

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April, 2010