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MAA Math Alert - December 2009

News and Views

MAA Distinguished Lecture Series: "Modeling Similarity in the Age of Data": Google research scientist Kevin McCurley described some of the mathematics that goes into generating good search results and gave insights into the more difficult task of coming up with "similar" results. Read about his lecturehereand an exclusive interview with McCurley here.
Full audio of the lecture is available here.

Search for the Next Editor ofAmerican Mathematical MonthlyBegins: MAA seeks candidates to succeed Daniel J. Velleman as editor of theAmerican Mathematical Monthlywhen his term expires in December 2011. More information available here.

MAA Hosts Showing of Between the Folds: MAA hosted a free screening of the film, which portrays ten people whose lives have been transformed by paper-folding. Local paper folder Gloria Kim presented a demonstration and workshop afterwards where MAA members, origami enthusiasts, and even MAA President David Bressoud got a chance to test their skills. Recap and photos of the event are available here.

Hard Problems Moves to Television
The MAA-produced documentary Hard Problems is being broadcast on many public television stations across the country. PBS World will show the filmfive times on 40 channels nationwide on October 22. Local PBS stations across the country will show the film at various times over the next few months. Interested viewers are encouraged to check the MAA website regularly for schedule updates and showings in your area. Read More
To find a free, local screening in your area here.

Haven't Seen Hard Problems Yet? The MAA-produced documentary is playing on PBS stations across the country. Can't find your station on our list? Contact your local PBS station and ask them to put Hard Problems on their schedule.

Philip Glass' New Opera Connects Music to Science: Philip Glass is often acknowledged as the composer who brought art music to the public. In his latest opera "Kepler," inspired by the life and scientific contributions of 17th-century astronomerJohannes Kepler, Glass brings his music to science. Read More

Math Enhances the Appeal of Classic American Art: Charles Willson Pealewas an American painter known for his iconic portraits ofGeorge WashingtonandThomas Jefferson. A recent article inThe Wall Street Journalexamined Peale's "The Staircase Group (1795)," an intimate portrait of his family life, and the mathematics behind its appeal. Read More

Latest News from MAA Public Policy: After serving 25 years in the House of Representatives, Rep. Bart Gordon (Tenn.) announced that he would not be seeking reelection in 2010. Read full story here

Subsidized Childcare Services at the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meetings: The American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America are pleased to announce that for the fifth year they are offering, and significantly subsidizing, childcare services at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. The childcare will be offered to parents through KiddieCorp. Click here for more information.

Featured Articles

Launchings by David Bressoud, "Lessonsfrom Crossing the Finish Line":David Bressoud discussesWilliam Bowen, Matthew Chingos, and Michael McPherson's recent bookCrossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America's Public Universities. Read More

New inLoci: Google-opoly! This article uses a game, called Google-opoly, played on a small directed graph to describe and model the Google PageRank algorithm. Read More

The Mathematical Tourist: Ivars Peterson, ponders a question posed in a recent issue ofMathematics Magazine: "Should you run or walk when you cross the street in the rain without an umbrella?" Read More

New from the MAA

The December 2009/January 2010 Edition of MAA Focus Is Now Online: View the MAA's newsmagazine here.

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December, 2009