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MAA Math Alert - June 2010

News and Views

2010 USAMO Winners Honored in Washington:The twelve outstanding winners of this year'sUSA Mathematical Olympiad(USAMO) were honored at theU.S. State Department in an AwardsCeremony and Dinnerhosted byDr. John P. Holdren,Assistant to thePresidentfor Science and Technology, on June 7. Full story.

House Passes the America COMPETES Bill: On Friday, May 28, 2010, the America COMPETES reauthorization cleared the House by a vote of 262-150. Read the complete storyhere.

Regular Registration for MathFest 2010 Ends Thursday: MathFest 2010 will take place in Pittsburgh, PA, from August 5-7 with a great lineup of sessions planned. Regular registration ends June 17. To learn more and to register for the meeting, visit MathFest 2010.

MAA Remembers the Life of Martin Gardner: Acclaimed mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner, who introduced readers to the joys of recreational mathematics and bedeviled cranks and pseudoscientists, died in Norman, Oklahoma, on May 22, 2010. He was 95. Read the full article here.

Featured Articles

In Math You Have to Remember, In Other Subjects You Can Think About It: This month's installment of Devlin's Angle discusses traditional versus collaborative learning and its effect on students and their views of mathematics.Read the fullcolumn at Devlin's Angle.

Meeting the Challenge of High School Calculus: MAA President David Bressoud reflects on the history of the AP Calculus Program inhis popular series of essays. Read more.

Mathematics around Washington, D.C.: Updating almost daily, Ivars Peterson goes in search of mathematics around Washington, D.C. Check out the The Mathematical Tourist.

Thesis Conjectures Mathematical Life of Éamon De Valerak: Irish history might have taken a different trajectory had aspiring mathematicianÉamon "Dev" De Valera (1882-1975) won a post asprofessor of mathematics in 1913.Read the article.

Great Mathematicians, Great Lives

The MAA Remembers Those MathematiciansWho Passed Awayin 2010
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June, 2010