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MAA Math Alert - June 2012

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Awards Presented to 2012 USAMO Winners

The 41st U.S.A. Mathematical Olympiad Awards Ceremony, honoring the 12 winners of the premier high school mathematics competition, took place on June 4 at the CarnegieInstitution for Science in Washington, D.C.Article.

Robert V. Hogg Award For Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics
The Special Interest Group of the MAA (SIGMAA) on Statistics Education is now accepting nominations for the inaugural award.This award provides recognition to an individual who has been teaching introductory statistics at the college level for between three and fifteen years, and who has shown both excellence and growth in teaching during that time.

Please take this opportunity to acknowledge outstanding colleagues by nominating them for this award. The complete eligibility criteria and nomination details can be found at the SIGMAA on Statistics Educationwebsite.All nominations need to be completed and received by the chair of the Award Committee,Brian Gill, no later than June 30, 2012in order to be considered.



NEW:Madison Concourse Hotelfor MAA MathFest
Still haven't booked your hotel for MathFest 2012? Don't wait any longer-- book your room at the Madison Concourse Hotel. Only 5 blocks to Monona Terrace and availability all dates. $129/single or double occupancy and $196/Governor's Club level (rates do not include tax). Space is limited. Book now.

Meet the Editors at MAA MathFest
The editors of the MAA journals will be offering a hands-on workshop for prospective authors of expository papers intended for submission to the MAA journals.Article.

June Sale in the MAA eBook Store
Discounted prices for select titles and a coupon for 10% off your entire eBook purchase.Announcement.

"Chaos Games and Fractal Images"
Robert Devaney (Boston University) will present the next installment in the MAA Distinguished Lecture Series on Wednesday, June 27. Register for this free public eventhere.

Featured Articles

Fernando Gouvêa Plays with Numbers
Read a recap article and watch a video of Fernando Gouvêa's Carriage House lecture on "Games Numbers Play."Article.

Transits of Venus and the Astronomical Unit
To celebrate the June 2012 transit of Venus, the MAA has made Donald A. Teets' 2003Mathematics Magazinearticle available to the public.Article.

"Telling Stories with Numbers"
Keith Devlin talks about quantitative literacy in his Junecolumn.

"Response to PCAST"
David Bressoud reviews the MAA's official response to the report to President Obama from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).Article.

Museum of Mathematics Announces Grand Opening
The Museum of Mathematics recently announced that it will open officially on December 15, 2012, in New York City.Article.

Peace Corps Makes Math Fun for South African Students
Peace Corps volunteers ChrisAmes and Genna Cummins have organized a math competition in six South African schools that transforms intimidating math lessons into exciting games.Article.

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June, 2012