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MAA Math Alert - March 2014


ASA, MAA Develop Guidelines for Teaching Introductory Statistics Course
The MAA and the American Statistical Association (ASA) have developed recommended qualitfications for an instructor teaching a modern introductory statistics course. Read the  press release or the joint statement.

Monthly Paper Gives the Lowdown on Pi
Just in time for the March holiday marked by math talks and pie eating, The American Mathematical Monthly ran a paper called "Pi Day is upon us again and we still do not know if Pi is Normal." Read more.

Student Authors Prove Their Merit in The College Mathematics Journal
The March 2014 issue of The College Mathematics Journal features the work of not one, not two, but 11 students—three high schoolers, six undergraduates, and two graduate students—and nothing but the mathematical merit of their work earned it the distinguished placement. Read more.

AMC 10/12 Results and Statistics Available Online
Since February 14, the 2014 AMC 10/12 statistics have been updated daily online as contests were scored. The complete AMC 10/12 global and state statistics with item difficulties and percentiles are available on the AMC website.

U.S. Team Heads to European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad
The third European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad will take place in Antalya, Turkey, April 10-16, 2014. The competition, inspired by the China Girls' Math Olympiad, will be similar in style to the International Mathematical Olympiad, with two tests taken on consecutive days. Participating countries send teams consisting of their strongest four high-school-age, female mathematicians. Good luck to the girls who will represent the United States: Danielle Wang, Alicia Weng, Victoria Xia, and Rachel Zhang!


MAA Is Searching for New Directors of Competitions and Publications
With the retirements next year of Steve Dunbar and Ivars Peterson, the MAA is conducting searches for new directors of both competitions and publications. Read the position descriptions: competitions / publications.

Appointment Process Begins for New Committee Members
To nominate a colleague (or yourself) for an MAA committee, complete this form. Submissions will be sent to council chairs for consideration on April 1.  More information about MAA committees can be found on the MAA website, and questions regarding committee appointments should be sent to Barbara Faires, MAA Secretary,

NSF-Funded Workshop: Revitalizing Complex Analysis (Santa Barbara, CA, June 23-27)
The National Science Foundation is supporting an effort to begin a national conversation on revitalizing the teaching and learning of complex analysis at the undergraduate level. A follow-up contributed paper session will be held at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings. Funds are available for transportation, lodging, and meals for about 13 participants. For information on applications, schedules, etc., see

AMC Advantage Enables Students to Prepare for AMC Contests at Their Own Pace
American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) contestants are encouraged to explore AMC Advantage, a short online course to help students prepare for the AMC 10/12 contests and the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME). AMC Advantage includes a diagnostic test, 'skill building' problem sets, and full-length contest simulations with performance analysis. Learn more.

Prestigious Summer Program Offers Prizes for Innovative Curricula
The Summer Science Program (SSP) is seeking innovative curricula to expand its residential program for talented high school students. Authors of two selected curricula will each be awarded the $2,000 SSP Curriculum Prize and additional funding to test and launch their curricula. Find out more.


Coming Soon: MAA MathFest 2014 Registration 
Registration for MAA MathFest 2014 will open on April 1. Visit the MAA MathFest website.

2014 MAA Annual T-Shirt Design Contest Now Open
Channel your inner creative mathematician and submit your idea for a T-shirt that will debut at MAA MathFest 2014, August 6 - 9 in Portland, Oregon! Designs submitted by Midnight PDT, Wednesday, April 30 will be judged by a small committee of mathematicians and MAA Staff. Download the 2014 MAA T-shirt Contest Official Entry Form and Rules.

PREP Registration
The MAA Professional Enhancement Program (PREP) offers extended professional development experiences with active participant involvement, expert leadership, and support that allows workshoppers to make effective use of what they learn. Find out more about PREP orregister for this year's workshops.

IBL Conference Registration
Engaging with Inquiry-Based Learning: The 17th Annual Legacy of R. L. Moore IBL Conference will be held June 19-21 in Denver, Colorado. Learn more.

Application Window for Modern Mathematics International Summer School for Students 2014
The fourth edition of "Modern Mathematics" (International Summer School for Students) will take place August 20-29 in Lyon, France. The program is open to students in the last two years of high school or first two years of college.  Learn more.


March 31: PIC Math Applications
Aiming to prepare mathematical sciences students for industrial careers, PIC Math will supply faculty with tools to offer students experiences designed to better prepare them for the demands that accompany non-academic jobs. Applications to be part of the first PIC Math cohort are due March 31. Learn more

April 11: Project NExT Applications
Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program for new and recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences that addresses all aspects of an academic career: improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, engaging in research and scholarship, and participating in professional activities. Applications for the 2014-2015 fellowship year are due April 11. Learn more.

April 30: MAA MathFest 2014 Abstracts 
Abstracts for the contributed paper sessions at MAA MathFest 2014 are due April 30.  Submit yoursDeadline for MAA Undergraduate Student Paper Sessions, Pi Mu Epsilon Student PaperSessions, and MAA Poster Sessions is June 6. More Information and Call for Papers.


Devlin Credits the Amygdala
In a follow-up to the February post, March's Devlin's Angle examines the role of the subconscious in the ability to put together a series of mastered steps to solve a bigger problem. Read the March post.

ISSUES Workshop Brings Disciplinary Societies Together
David Bressoud devotes his March Launchings to a recap of a meeting that took place at the MAA Carriage House in January during which STEM disciplinary societies and concerned educational associations considered ways to coordinate their efforts to improve undergraduate education. Read the post.

Math Ed Matters  Explains How IBL Conference Will Engage Attendees
In the February Math Ed Matters, Dana Ernst, Angie Hodge, and guest contributor TJ Hitchman give a preview of June's 17th Annual Legacy of R. L. Moore Conference and encourage readers to submit abstracts. Read the post.

A Science Fiction Puzzle Tale Inspires February Card Colm
The February Card Colm uses a card trick as a way to generate interest in a classic combinatorial problem. Read the post.

Richeson Extends the 'Japanese Theorem' to Nonconvex Polygons
In a recent Loci article, David Richeson takes an applet-enhanced look at a 200-year-old theorem about the inradii of the triangles formed by adding a diagonal to a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle. Read the article.


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March, 2014