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MAA Math Alert - May 2012

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2012 USA Mathematical Olympiad Winners
Congratulations to the 12 winners of the 2012 USA Mathematical Olympiad! USAMO Honorable Mentions, results of the USAJMO, and this year's problems and solutionshere.

2012 MAA T-Shirt Contest Winner
Congratulationsto Trey Polk for his winning design, "Sleep, Eat, Math, Repeat!"Polk, a sophomoreatSouthern Nazarene University majoring in biology-chemistry, submitted his entry in response to a challenge from Assistant Professor Nicholas Zoller to his students. Polk's design will debut on t-shirts at MAA MathFest in Madison, WI and will soon be availableonline at the MAA Store. Thanks again to all the participants in this year's contest.



MAA and Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013
Mathematical institutes and societies in North America and elsewhere have made the Mathematics of Planet Earth the theme for 2013, with the goal of showcasing the role that mathematics plays in recognizing, investigating, and solving planetary problems. See the Joint Mathematics Meetings call for proposals and theCollege Mathematics Journalcall for papers.More.

Meet the Editor at MAA MathFest
The editors of the MAA journals will be offering a hands-on workshop for prospective authors of expository papers intended for submission to the MAA journals.More.

Find Math in the World Around You
Take your camera with you on summer vacation and look for mathematics.MAA Found Math is a member-driven feature. Submit your photos with your name and a brief description

eBooks Store Sale
Check out the May sale in the MAA eBooks Store! View select sale titles and use our coupon to get 10% off your entire purchase in oureBooks store.

The American Mathematical Monthly
Are you a fan ofThe American Mathematical Monthly? Tell us! Send a photo of yourself readingThe Let us know when you started readingThe Monthlyand your favorite article or note.Gallery.

Featured Articles

Pipher Talks Math and Computers in MAA Distinguished Lecture
On the last day of Mathematics Awareness Month 2012, Pipher presented "The Remarkable Interaction of Mathematics and the Computer". Audio of the full lecture is available.Article.

A Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Comes to D.C.
Katharine Merow recaps the math festival held recently at the Smithsonian Institution's Ripley Center.More.

Are Textbooks Better Online?
David Bressoud ponders this question in his MayLaunchingscolumn.

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Math
Keith Devlin's May column discusses how online interactive learning will affect higher education.More.

Discussing Mathematics in the Middle East
MAA President Paul Zorn recently returned from a trip to Kuwait and Bahrain. In an interview with St. Olaf College News, he talks about meeting students and faculty interested in learning how mathematics is taught at U.S. colleges.More.

New Faces of Mathematics at 2012 Intel Science Talent Search
Science News for Kidsrecently profiled five high school students who competed in the 2012 Intel Science Talent Search, a national science and engineering competition for high school students.More.

Tom Rodgers, Organizer of Gathering for Gardner and Celebration of Mind, Dies at 67
The Atlanta puzzle gatherer and organizer of the Gathering for Gardner and Celebration of Mind conferences to honor the influence of Martin Gardner passed away April 10, 2012.More.

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May, 2012