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  • 4-10-1651

    Tschirnhaus born in Germany. With Leibniz, he studied the unpublished papers of Descartes, Pascal, and Roberval. His algebra, which Newton hoped to publish in an annotated translation, contains one of the earliest statements of the quadratic formula in a form identical to what we use today.

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    Ehrenfried Tschirnhaus
    Quadratic Formula
  • 4-10-1755

    Simpson introduced error distributions. Best known today for "Simpson's Rule" for numerical integration, he was known in his time as a coffee-house penny-lecturer, author of advanced texts such as A New Treatise of Fluxions, mathematics professor at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, and editor of the Ladies Diary, a periodical that published mathematics problems and solutions.

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    Thomas Simpson
  • 4-10-1813

    Lagrange died in Paris. Born in Turin in what is now Italy in 1736, he did his best known mathematical work in Berlin and Paris.

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    Joseph-Louis Lagrange