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  • 2-18-1404

    Leone Battista Alberti born in Genoa, Italy. This noted architect took up the study of mathematics for relaxation. He contributed to the study of perspective.

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    Leone Battista Alberti
  • 2-18-1851

    Carl Jacobi died in Berlin. He is best known for his work on elliptic functions and differential equations.

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    Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
  • 2-18-1879

    "I will do the same for the young women that I do for the young men. I shall take pleasure in giving gratuitous instruction to any person whom I find competent to receive it. I give no elementary instruction, but only in the higher mathematics." Benjamin Peirce to Arthur V. Gilman, president of Harvard.

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    Benjamin Peirce
  • 2-18-1899

    Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie, of Lie group and Lie algebra fame, died in Kristiania, Norway.

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    Sophus Lie
  • 2-18-3102 BCE

    The Kali Yuga began, according to the Indian mathematician Aryabhata (born 476 CE). He believed all astronomical phenomena were periodic, with period 4,320,000 = 20 x 60-cubed years, and that all planets had mean longitude zero on this date.

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    Kali Yuga