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  • 11-14-1716

    Leibniz died in Hanover, Germany. His only mourner was his secretary, and an eyewitness wrote: "He was buried more like a robber than what he really was, the ornament of his century."

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    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
  • 11-14-1882

    Robert Moore born in Dallas, Texas. His invention of the "Moore method" of teaching mathematics stemmed from his own practice of trying to beat lecturers to their results in order to keep himself engaged during lecture presentations.

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    Robert Lee Moore
  • 11-14-1954

    Ernst Fischer, of Riesz-Fischer Theorem fame, died in Cologne, Germany. The Riesz-Fischer Theorem is an important theorem from Lebesgue integration theory.

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    Ernst Sigismund Fischer