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  • 9-23-1647

    Descartes met with Pascal Sept. 23-24 when Descartes visited France from Holland. On this occasion Descartes may have recommended to Pascal the experiment of noting the variation of the heights of the barometer with altitude.

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    Rene Descartes
    Blaise Pascal
  • 9-23-1846

    Neptune discovered. Johann Galle and Heinrich Louis d'Arrest discovered Neptune based on Urbain Le Verrier's (1811-1877) calculations. Amazingly, they found it the first night they looked. John Couch Adams (1810-1892) independently calculated the orbit. This marvelous feat based on a mathematical prediction really excited the scientific community.

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  • 9-23-1884

    Patent filed for Hollerith tabulating machine. Herman Hollerith's machines would be used in the 1890 US Census and in 1924 he and others formed the company that would become IBM.

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