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  • 1-26-1126

    Adelard of Bath translated al-Khwarizmi's Astronomical Tables into Latin.

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    Adelard of Bath
    Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi
  • 1-26-1630

    Henry Briggs, of logarithm fame, died in Oxford, England.
    On this day in 1895, Arthur Cayley died in Cambridge, England.
    On this day in 1942, Felix Hausdorff died in Bonn, Germany.

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    Henry Briggs
    Arthur Cayley
    Felix Hausdorff
  • 1-26-1678

    Philippe de La Hire nominated to the Academy of Sciences in Paris. This geometer was so adept at synthetic techniques that he, together with Rolle, was hostile to the infinitesimal calculus when discussions of its value were raised in the Academy beginning in 1701.

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    Philippe de La Hire
    Michel Rolle
  • 1-26-1952

    EDVAC demonstrated. John Von Neumann was instrumental in designing this machine, which used the stored program concept.

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    John von Neumann