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  • 3-19-1791

    Metric system, including the decimal subdivision of the circle, advocated in report made to the Paris Academy of Sciences. The committee consisted of J. C. Borda, J. Lagrange, P. S. Laplace, G. Monge, and de Condorcet.

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    The Metric System
  • 3-19-1918

    The Standard Time Act of Congress established four time zones in the continental United States, along with the controversial daylight savings time.

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    Standard Time Act
  • 3-19-1978

    Gaston Julia died in Paris. Julia, who was born in Algeria in 1893, was famous for his work on iteration in the 1920s and was made even more famous by Benoit Mandelbrot's attention to his work beginning in the 1970s.

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    Gaston Julia