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  • 6-17-1714

    Cartographer Cesar-Francois Cassini born in Thury, France. He would create the first accurate map of France and would end up opposing his famous father, Jacques Cassini, in the argument over whether the earth was elongated or flattened at the poles. The elder Cassini thought it was elongated and the younger Cassini, along with Newton and Maupertuis, thought (correctly) that it was flattened.

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    Cesar-Francois Cassini
  • 6-17-1867

    Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, allowing him to amass a fortune, which he instructed in his will should be used for the prizes now known as the Nobel Prizes.

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    Alfred Nobel
    Nobel Prizes
  • 6-17-1898

    Maurits Escher born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The famous artist is well known for his plane-filling prints, inspired by his study and sketching of patterns at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and by his study of mathematics.

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    Maurits Escher