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  • 1-25-1627

    Chemist Robert Boyle born in Lismore, Ireland. A founding member of the Royal Society of London, he took a mathematical approach to chemistry.

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    Robert Boyle
  • 1-25-1736

    Joseph-Louis Lagrange born in Turin, Italy. Although he worked in many areas of mathematics, his best known work must be his Mecanique analytique.

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    Joseph-Louis Lagrange
  • 1-25-1843

    H. A. Schwarz born in Hermsdorf, Poland. A student of Weierstrass and a prolific analyst, Schwarz may be best known for the Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality.

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    Hermann Amandus Schwarz
  • 1-25-1870

    Helge von Koch born in Stockholm, Sweden. He is noted for his snowflake curve.

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    Helge von Koch
    Koch's Snowflake