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  • 6-25-1712

    Brook Taylor's experiment challenged Newton's beliefs. Taylor suggested that if two glass plates which are clamped together into a "V" are placed into a pan of water, then capillary action will draw water up into the shape of a rectangular hyperbola with asymptotes given by the surface of the water and the point of the "V." This experiment and several similar experiments performed by Francis Hauksbee before the Royal Society caused Newton to rethink his ideas on capillary force.

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    Isaac Newton
    Brook Taylor
    Capillary Action
  • 6-25-1795

    Bureau of Longitude founded in Paris.

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    Bureau des Longitudes
  • 6-25-2006

    Algebraist Irving Kaplansky died in Los Angeles, California. Kaplansky was famous for both research results and expository writing on groups, rings, and fields.

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    Irving Kaplansky