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  • 8-10-1548

    Tartaglia and Ferrari debated in Milan over solutions to cubic and quartic equations in a mathematical contest that drew a huge crowd.

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    Nicolo Tartaglia
    Lodovico Ferrari
    Cubic Formula
  • 8-10-1846

    The Smithsonian Institution established in Washington, DC. Mathematician Benjamin Peirce was one of the five-member committee that drew up the program for its organization.

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    The Smithsonian Institution
    Benjamin Peirce
  • 8-10-1912

    Quote from Abraham Pais: "Some time between August 10 and August 16 it became clear to Einstein that Riemannian geometry is the correct mathematical tool for what we now call general relativity."

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    Albert Einstein
    Riemannian Geometry
    General Relativity