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  • 5-21-1471

    Albrecht Durer, the German painter and engraver who studied mathematics and applied it to his art, was born in Nuremberg on this day.

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    Albrecht Durer
  • 5-21-1923

    Armand Borel born in Switzerland. He worked on Lie groups, algebraic groups, and arithmetic groups, helping transform many areas of mathematics, including algebraic topology, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, and number theory.

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    Armand Borel
  • 5-21-1953

    Set theorist Ernst Zermelo died in Freiburg, Germany. He worked on statistical mechanics and the calculus of variations until becoming intrigued by Cantor's Continuum Hypothesis, posed as Hilbert's First Problem in 1900, and switching to set theory.

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    Ernst Zermelo